Cupcake and forest scene ATCs

I had lots of tiny scraps of masterboards left over after doing a few projects with them. Even the smallest bits turn out so useful though, they really are a waste nothing supply.

This back ground was perfect for a nighttime forest scene. The full moon is cut from another masterboard and so are the flames of the fire!

I’m pretty sure this one went to WitchHippie but I have lost track of who got which cards, everybody in the last swap at the old site claimed bunches and bunches of times to keep us all afloat with crafty connections over the gap. I hope these cards eventually arrive, they both seem to be lost in the mail.


Nice ones! Now I want a cupcake…


lol I remember your sweater plushie days when every scrap was used…every scrap…I am glad to see that you have carried on this practice with your masterboards…the cupcake is fabulous…

I sit at my desk cutting up tiny leftover sweater bits for future use because I feel you would know if I threw them out…ha ha ha


I really need to start a list of all your creative uses of masterboards. Like, I might have thought to cut the cupcake wrapper from a masterboard, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to piece together a bunch of them.

Also, I would like to point out the donut-y pattern on the cupcake top. That’s some serious pastry.


The campfire is mesmerizing. Both cards are pretty.

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Your forest scene speaks to me. Sky and earth.


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These are amazing!! So much depth in this tiny format! :cupcake:

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Masterboards are so great for all kinds of projects. I am having such fun with my collection though the scrappy leftover bits keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller :laughing: