Custom Baby Yoda baseball

I made this custom baseball.
I’m so in love, Even though I made a ton of mistakes.
I plan on making more, it was so much fun to make, especially the stitching.
I wasn’t sure where to place it, so I put it under toys


Wow! This may be the coolest baseball I’ve ever seen!

Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it! So very cool!

What a cool medium for embroidery!

Whoa! These are so cool.

This looks HARD to make. How’d you do the inside?

You take off the “skin” of an old baseball. So the inside is just a regular baseball. Then I traced the pieces and stitched a design and sewed it back together. The vinyl I used is really thin, so it didn’t work too well with the stitching. It much easier then it looks

Ahh! Genius. I don’t know what I was thinking. Lol.

Maybe have a thin layer of batting under the vinyl and it should help even out the stitches. (At least that’s what they suggest when framing up cross stitch projects if your “back” is really bumpy. I think the same concept would work here!)

Thats a really good idea, thank you :blush:

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What an epic twist you put on machine stitching! You really elevated it!

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