Dahlia & Hydrangea Hairclips

I’ve been super busy lately working on large projects, but in between those projects I’ve also been working on some smaller pieces - like these hair clips. They have lots of petals and are big, but I didn’t have to experiment or figure out anything special for them. I love trying new things, but It’s nice to break things up by doing something that doesn’t require a ton of active brain power or problem solving.

This dahlia is a bit of a gradient, using a combination of hot pink/magenta and medium pink petals. I had these on hand already, which was great. I’ve been trying to work through some of the colors I’ve had for a long time and make room for new colorways.

For the hydrangea I thought I’d make some multicolored petals that have the feel of vintage hydrangeas. I haven’t done watercolor dye technique in a while, and I’ve been wanting to do that again so I did dye some new silk for this one.

I worked my way through the oval frame stampings, and used up the rest of my large size hair clips. Next I’ll be working on some smaller clips, I think. :3 But first, I need to finish up the two major projects I’ve got in progress.


These are both gorgeous but I especially love the dye effect on the second one.:heart:

These are lovely. The second one is my favorite. I love the colors.

Beautiful! The dyeing on the second one is especially gorgeous.

Oh my goodness! The hydrangea is stunning! Love the multicolor petals.

I’m in awe of the delicate beauties you create!

You say that these don’t use brain power? :astonished: They look so elaborate! They’re really stunning.