Daisy Coasters

I found a free pattern for these daisy coasters online and originally started them for myself and then remembered a coworker has a wedding coming up in a few weeks. So I plan to make another set for myself.

I didn’t have any yellow cotton yarn in my stash, but I did have that pretty variegated one and decided to use that. The only change to the pattern was I used a G hook instead of F because I couldn’t find my F hook and my guest room was F hook hot and I had to get out of there. It was pretty tight so I’m glad I did.

I plan to make a set of potholders using the same yarn and potting a houseplant for her. Something nice that doesn’t break the bank.

She had a big wedding planned, but now it is small with only family and they hope to have a big party for their one year anniversary.

Daisy Coaster Pattern by Doni Speigle


Those variegated centres are really pretty! What a great gift idea.

Very cute.

Such a personal gift! I love the centers…

The variegated yarn was definitely a win!

They are sweet! I think the variegated rather than solid yellow ended up really nice.

Very sweet!

P.S. I edited your post to add a link to the pattern for everyone. :smile:


Thank you!

That variegated yarn looks so good! They are so cute and cheery.

Bookmarked! These would be a nice addition to an springtime bunting :).

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These are so sweet and remind me of the freshness and happiness of Spring!

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