Dallas Cowboys Football Marquee

Another project from back in the Craftster days: a Dallas Cowboys Football Marquee sign I made for my MIL who is a big Cowboys fan.

The files came from SVGCuts and I used a pack of Cowboys themed papers that I think I got from Scrapbook dot come, back in the day. They aren’t available anymore.

It was fun to pick from the various printed cardstock in the set to make the different panels and use some of the other pieces to add embellishments.

The svg “kit” comes with this cool pocket for the battery pack that powers the lights.

I’m planning one in more generic colors and patterns for a friend whose household follows two different teams, if you catch my meaning.


Very, very cool. Can’t wait to see the new version!

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This is such a cool project! Thanks for reposting this. It’s perfect inspiration for the Lit It Up swap.


Oh my goodness, this is fun. It would have worked great for the Light It Up swap!


Thanks, everyone! For those who might have a sportsballer in their circle, the “kit” comes with files for American football, baseball, soccer/football, volley ball, and basket ball.