Danish heart basket

My husband’s grandmother was from Denmark, and he has really been looking into his Danish heritage lately. He’s making a display at his library branch that is all about Denmark next month, and I whipped up this basket for him today. He will bring it in and take a photo of his display when he finishes it.

Edited to add: finished display!


I love it! We made these out of paper in junior school. I feel very nostalgic right now.


ohh I love these and yours looks great!

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Yes, paper versions at Swedish summer school in Minnesota for me!

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I grew up seeing these in North Dakota, made by Swedish and Norwegian “old timers”

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So charming! I hope you’ll share a picture of his display when it’s done.

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Very nostalgic for me, too… and nicely done in crochet!

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I remember the paper versions! This is so cool!

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I love how you just “whip things up”! You’re amazing! I bet Mr. SBC was thrilled about this display addition!

And I, too, would love to see a pic of the completed display!

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:cherry_blossom: Congratulations! :blossom: Your super cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :tulip:


I just added a photo of the display :blush: