Death Star Cake


For my husband’s birthday this year the kids decided that his cake should be decorated in a Star Wars theme. The first idea was Grogu…but you can’t EAT Grogu. So we finally decided on the Death Star, because it is supposed to get destroyed. What better way to destroy it than by eating it? It’s a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. I free hand piped the design on.


Well Grogu did eat someone else…

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Hahahaha…it came out awesome! Love your reasoning. It’s very funny because we just got Mando goldfish and my daughters have to eat all the Grogus first! :laughing:

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Wow! Awesome cake!

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There are Mando goldfish??? We may have to buy some. The kids had no problem eating Grogu in gummy form when they got Mando fruit snacks for Halloween, but the thought of cutting Grogu up disturbed them. (We also don’t have cute pinatas, they have to be something the kids want to smash). We belatedly realized a sparkler candle would have been the perfect addition to the Death Star Cake, but we didn’t have one, so we just used one normal candle. Also it was delicious. I love red velvet cake.



Haha…I totally get cutting up/smashing non-cute things. Glad the cake was a hit!

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