Delivery Pizza Birthday - A Box Card

I’ve had this file for awhile and realized it would be a good card for a long time friend who is very interested in TheMisterT’s Friday Pizzas every week.

My friend isn’t a fan of onions and her husband can’t stand mushrooms, so I did a half-and-half with the toppings. The “onion” pieces are meant to be green peppers in the original file, but I cut them from off-white paper, then inked them with tan and purple to make them in to onions. Pretty much every piece of this card is inked.


The sentiment banner is curled to give some extra depth. There is also a panel on the bottom of the “box” signed with a personal message. There is a little cut detail on the “box’s” top that I forgot to photograph.


Here it is flattened to go into its envelope. It’s the photo where you can almost see how the “cheese” pieces were embossed with a “pebble” effect embossing folder to give a bubbly cheese effect.

The files are from SVGCuts, cut on a Cricut Explore.


You do the coolest cards! The inked pizza toppings are amazing!

Awww, thank you! That’s so nice of you to say!

Oh i love that you took the time to adjust the toppings half and half. My family’s pizza motto is: “no fish no fruit no fungus” but really i don’t mind fruit. :wink: Love the various toppings, and the sentiment being curved a bit for that pop.


This card is so fun! The personal touches really make it extra special.

This is fabulous and the attention to detail their actual preferences is next level!

So detailed!! Those tiny toppings! The onion inking! The embossed cheese! I love every yummy bit.

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Thanks so much, everyone!

Fabulous! Really fun and unique! This is one of those cards that people would be inclined to keep forever (but I suspect that most of your cards are like that)! :smiley:

What a fun card! I love how your cards are unique and not always a typical type of card. It’s great how you captured both of their likes making this so ‘uniquely them!’

THANKS so much, y’all!