Pizza Friday Ornament Tags

This year’s commemorative ornament celebrates Pizza Friday - something TheMisterT started this summer.

It’s a store bought glass slice o’ pizza that I made label tags for. The 2021 is from a tonic can and the base for the FRI is from an iced tea can. The FRI is the inside of a root beer can. The tags and letters are cut with Thinlits dies on a Sizzix Big Shot, the numbers with individual metal embossing stamps. The letters are glued on with E6000.


Cutting beverage cans with my Sizzix has been a new medium for me this year, so that fits, too! It’s not even very sharp or scratchy!

Last year our ornament commemorated 3 o’clock cheese.


Fantastic tag…it is such a perfect way to highlight pizza Fridays!


I love it! Great use for old cans. Looks very festive!


Thanks, pals!

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This is awesome! I bet Mr T loves it!

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Love this. Just love this!

This is amazing. I love that you have the traditions / habits, and that you commemorate them!!! :heart:

Thanks so much, y’all!

Aw, thanks! I go a bit nuts with decorating for a couple of holidays and TheMisterT is very supportive of it and pretty much hands off. It would be easy for every Christmas decoration to be “mine” or to my taste, so I want to make sure that the tree represents us both - even though he is not going to shop for or request any ornaments.


Cute and clever! Food is such an excellent thing to commemorate!

Wonderful idea and I think it’s great you include his likes on your tree. I had to do the same by including a few store bought on my all hand made tree, Coke and M&Ms are his ornaments.

We’ve had a taco Saturday tradition for almost 20 years, now I want to make an ornament for that.


I am DOWN with pizza Friday!


That tag is awesome! Pizza Friday!

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Thank so much, friends! He loves to cook and gets really creative with the toppings, enjoying trying to replicate other dishes in pizza format. Last week’s was Buffalo cauliflower (veg version of Buffalo wings) and it was really tasty!

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I love how you customize your ornaments. I often buy an ornament that has something to do with the year we had, or something that happened in our lives, but hadn’t thought to customize like that. Well done Friend.

P.S. If you see an adorable Godzilla ornament in your travels, let me know. I’m on the lookout….

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Thank you! I like to pick up an ornament when we (or I) travel and these that are more representations of a year feel similar. Your comment has me thinking that I will try to mark the travel ones (at least with a year) so I can keep a little better track.

I will absolutely keep my eyes peeled for a “Godzillita” for you!

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I think my aunt bought that ornament for me and my husband this year. :laughing:
I like your additions though!

Also, if Friday is pizza day, make sure to add Pizza Day by The Aquabats to your playlist rotation ( :wink:


Adorable way to remember the year.

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Thanks, friends!