Demouché Spring Wreath

or…that time I had to crochet something and I didn’t know how to crochet.

My friend Shay makes wonderful crocheted items. A few years back I tried to persuade her to make me a wreath, in the style of Attic24.

“You’re crafty,” she said. “Make it your own self.”

“Damn you, Shay,” said I, as I took my own self off to the store to buy yarn.
“Damn you, Shay,” as I dug around in my craft stuff for crochet hooks.
“Damn you, Shay,” as I struggled with the magic ring.
“Damn you, Shay,” as I looked up how to do double crochet.

Turns out you can’t go far wrong crocheting flowers.
It doesn’t look much like the inspiration, but it’s good enough for me.

“Damn you, Shay, you were right. I made it my own self.”
But forever after, we will call it the demouché wreath.

My husband deadpanned, "I think it’s needs more color. " He’s almost as funny as he thinks he is.

P.S. Have I crocheted anything else? No, I have not.


I love attic24, too. This came out great!

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I love it! It’s so bright and cheery!

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It’s awesome!

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Shay is a good friend. Even though she is apparently damned.

Your wreath is awesome! So cheerful and perfect for spring!

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Damn you, Shay, now I want one, and not crocheting isn’t an excuse.

what does demouche mean? Google tells me “mouche” means housefly in French. Doesn’t seem relevant…


It’s saying “damn you Shay” in a prettier way. I think.


@steiconi It’s French for “Shay says make it your own damn self.”
Sound it out ;).

(Bunny1kenobi is correct.)

Shay and I imagined it used as follows:

“Hey, can you make me…x.”
“Nope, sorry, that’s a demouché item.”


Oh! I was mispronouncing it as day moo shay, didn’t make the connection.


If you give each syllable equal stress it makes more sense. It’s not de MOOSH ay. More like dem moo shay.

And then we’ll shop at TarJAY and the Mart of Wall and let’s not forget J.C PennAY.

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I love the wreath. It absolutely captures the spirit of Spring! And your post was fun to read. :blush:

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It took me a minute to get the demouchè reference, lol. I googled it and wasn’t finding the answer when all of a sudden it clicked and made me laugh :laughing:.

Your wreath looks very spring-y and would make for a nice splash of color on dreary days! Thank you for including the story of how this wreath came to be, it was a very entertaining read :grin:.

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Damn, this turned out adorably! Just the bright spot we need as we hit that last few official weeks of winter.

Hahahaha. Fun story and project!

Such joyful colors!

I love your storytelling as much as your wreath. Darn you Shay. But, boy was it worth it!! Very nice!


@JoyfulClover Oh you are so right.


I just shook my head. I know what those suckers are like. Look how many there are!!!

But still a fantastic project!!!

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I love the idea of crocheting a wreath! But I wonder if a fabric waterproofing spray would work on yarn to make it outdoor friendly?