Derp- a family ATC

This one is for my husband.

One of my favorite things about him, is how much he loves animals. Especially dogs. In fact, the little lady pictured here came to us from our very own @QueenHobo, who was getting ready to move. This little cutie, named Lila, came with the home they had been renting. They were not going to be able to take her with them to their new residence, and were very concerned about what was to become of her because she was a senior dog. In fact, she had no teeth, so her tongue always hung out of her mouth. So cute!!!

When I told my husband about their predicament, he immediately, with zero hesitation, said, “We will take her.” He had never met her, had never seen her, he just knew that she needed a home and that he would love her.

And we did love her. We rarely called her Lila, though. She was always Derp to us, and always will be. She passed away after we had had her for about a year and a half. And left a little Derp shaped hole in all of our hearts.


So adorable! What a lovely way to remember little Derp. Isn’t it funny how some little detail about our fur babies always seem to capture our hearts? What is the background and is it stitched?

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Thank you! It is paper and I used a black marker and white marker on the border.

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Awww, so precious! Love her little tongue hanging out.

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Thank you! She was such a cutie!

Bath time!


Squee! Little derpy ones are always welcomed in our house.

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What a special family for taking in this sweet soul for the rest of her life! I love her little self on this ATC - a really great card!

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Thanks! She was easy to love.

That little tongue cracks me up! Your shading does a really good job of adding definition. You captured her really well!

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Thanks! That tongue cracked me up, too!


Awwwwww! :hearts: Lila was such a sweet girl. From what we were told, someone adopted her while living in that Scottsdale house. They had to move and the next person that moved in kept her. Then the people after that. Then my sister moved in and kept her. She intended to be Lila’s final mommy, but things didn’t go that way.

We are both so happy that you were able to take her in and make her happy in her final years. I know she had some issues, especially bladder issues, in her final years, and you are the best for continuing to take care of our sweet derpy girl. We also loved that floppy tongue. :hearts: thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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She was a blessing. We are glad to have had the time with her. Thanks for the pics, too!

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:sob:I miss that little dog!!

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Me, too!