Diaper Cake-Inspired Puppy Shower Poop Bag Cake! Cute, Not Gross!

If I could throw my friend a puppy shower, I would! I am sending puppy shower gifts, though, and when I posted this gift box @MistressJennie and I started riffing about Poop Bag Cake and she basically dared me to make one. So I did!

Decoration details: I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut the “starburst” bases for the topper and stickers from a paper pack for the front. They are stuck to cardstock which is cut around the sticker, then foam adhesive dots to attach. The back is a heat-embossed stamped image.

The Chuck-it is cut with a Cricut Explore using a tennis ball file. The plaque base is a left over from the gift box and letters cut with the Sizzix.



I looked at a few online tutorials for diaper cakes and adapted them to suit rolls of “dog waste bags” which everyone just calls “poop bags.” Here’s a bit about how I assembled it.

Used my Sizzix to cut one each of 3" and 4" circles from a corrugated cardboard scrap. And used a hand saw with a metal blade and a miter box to cut a section of cardboard tube saved from who-knows-what to the height of the bag rolls. I used hot glue to attach the cardboard circles to the tube.



The large circle forms the base. I used adhesive foam dots attached to the sticker seal on each of 9 rolls of bags to the center tube. I am hoping that by using that as the adhesive spot, fewer bags might be lost to the removing sticky things.

Then I covered the top of the smaller circle with two-sided tape and attached the remaining rolls of bags around a central roll of bags. Both layers are held together and decorated with a length or yellow satin ribbon from my stash.


The ribbons are attached to the bags with thin adhesive dots: one in the center back, one on the end. Then with adhesive dots under the pointy ends of the ribbon on top of the ribbon end. All this to limit the number of points the adhesive is on the bags, because it can tear them which often makes them useless. The decorations on the front are attached to the ribbon with these same thin adhesive dots, too.

The topper is two identically shaped sides with a paper straw sandwiched between. All embellishing was done prior to assembly. The straw is hot glued into the core of the top layer’s center roll.

I made a base by cutting eight 5.5"-ish circles with my Cricut. Six are from printed cardstock that I was never going to make anything out of. Two are from grass printed scrapbook paper. I inked all the edges with a green stamp pad, then glued all the layers together with the grass print on the top and bottom. Finally, I used hot glue to attach the 4" cardboard circle to the 5.5" base.

And here is the gift box it is going to be shipped with.



Ack! This is too cute! I really love the gift box


Cute, hilarious, over the top … perfection.

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I regret nothing. Though I do attempt to mostly use my powers for good. :smiling_imp:

Seriously though, adorable job my friend!



I knew that TheMisterT would have no idea what a diaper cake is, so I texted him some internet pics, explaining they are shower gifts and decor. Then when I next saw him (i.e. came downstairs where he was) I brought the poop bag cake and even he got a kick out of it!

You should regret nothing! Encouraging people to a) have dogs and b) pick up their poop is definitely for the general good!

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Thanks! I am pretty chuffed with how it turned out myself. :grin: I’ll definitely make more with these files.

Hysterical! I love it!!

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This is so great. And your construction is right on!

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It’s just a perfect puppy shower gift!

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Wonderful. That is such a great idea and thank you for all the details too.

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Aw, thanks folks!

Now that I have it figured out, I kind of wish I had reasons to make more!


What a cute and useful gift! I love it!



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Thanks, y’all!

Oh my gosh, hilarious! Did she love it?

Thanks! And she did!