Digital bike sketches

I build bikes.
Proof of that can be found here and here

No matter if I make clothes or furniture or bikes, I sketch almost everything.
I showed my bike sketches to my best friend, and they impressed him more than the final product.
This encouraged me to share them with you as well.


One of the audition pieces for an arts high school in my hometown is to draw bikes because of the challenge the lines and angles can pose.

These are beautiful! I love your depictions.

The top classic one has all my love.

You have some amazing skills!
On the computer and with your hand tools.

You are very talented!

That’s really cool.
I have heard that people will often leave out essential parts when asked to draw bikes. Just because there are just so many tubes that nobody pays attention to.

Just from the looks and the geometry it’s my favorite, too. And it’s my go to commuter bike. It’s a single speed bike so it has its limits.

If you are interested I can try to snap a picture of the real thing tomorrow.

Oooooh yeah.

I would love to see the real bike !!

Finally a day that isn’t all wet or dark or foggy.
So I was able to take a pic of my bike

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