Urban Commuter Bike from Vintage MTB

My husband had this mountain bike that he bought about 25 years ago as a high school student.
He spent most of his savings on it but it got awfully neglected after college.

It had a really nice nickel plated steel frame and I decided to give it a second live.

So, let me present to you the newest bike in my collection:

This is the dreadful before

And some details of the finished bike

It even has matching pannier bags now.

It took forever to find and order everything I needed and I probably spend more on components than average people on a new bike but I cannot let a beautiful frame go to waste.


Good for you for giving it new life!

Awesome! It looks great!


I‘m currently on a bike building spree and have the next one mostly planned.
Just waiting for the perfect frame to come along.

talk about an upgrade! Lovely work!

It looks awesome! The blue is lovely!

nice job! I redid my husband’s old Karate Monkey with pink fittings in a similar way. (it’s now black and pink)

That sounds really cool.
Do you have a pic?

you’re a wizard! this and the frog bike are fantastic!

oddly enough, I do not have a full picture of the bike!

ETA - I found a pic of my 2 favorite things:

Nekko bottle cage and BRIGHT pink pedals.

The bottle holder is amazing.
My daughter would just love it. Just bookmarked your post for when I do her next bike.

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It’s this one:

Comes in both black and white.

Lovely upgrade! The blue really pops.

I can’t believe that’s the same bike! Looks great!!!