Dinosaur Swap - Gallery

I received my package from @JoyfulClover ! Thank you so much!
My absolutely favorite dinosaur is Quetzalcoatlus so she embroidered me this gorgeous dotee!

I loooove.

She also sent this great Altered tin of Spinosaurus!

I love the dimension!
I really enjoyed this swap! Thanks everybody! Thanks JoyfulClover!!!


@gozer I love the embroudered jewelry!

@wereradletshug you are so talented! Beautiful quilt.
@roler that hoop is great!

@AuFish omg I am SO JEALOUS OF THAT PTERODACTYL!!! Looooooooooove!!

@artsycandice I really enjoy your art style for these cute dinos. <3


The embroidery is so spectacular but to make it a dotee is over the moon!

A dino in a tin…that is really creative…and a perfect one to showcase!


Beautiful stitching on the dotee. I love the way the bead is attached for an eye, it looks just perfect.


Quetzalcoatlus was my son’s favorite Dino as a kid. And such a fun word to say!! :laughing:

This rendition is lovely!


@RagingSloth - The dino quilt is amazing. I love the colors and tone and movement you got on the dino. Those fabrics are perfect, especially the one for the back. The fancy Brontosuarus is so perfect for Joyfulclover! It’s so funny. The outfit is awesome and her expression is so serious!

@artsycandice – The dino ornaments are adorable. They are so cute and have so much dimension. I feel embarrassed sending you my embroidery now that I see yours. That Sheldon hoop is beyond cute.

@JoyfulClover – That Quetzalocatlus is so cool! Your embroidery is fantastic and I live the tone/colors you chose. The altered tin is great too. I love all the textures and layers. Your writing is great too. Sometimes that is the hardest part!


Cut that out right now. :blush: Your work is absolutely adorable! I love it all.


@RagingSloth - I picked both the dotee and the altoid tin from your list, but both were new to me, so I’m happy you like them.

I read a lot about both creatures. The Cretaceous Research Journal is really helpful. It was fun to read how they determined the Spinosaurus had to be primarily a river dweller based on [one of the only] tail bones found, and their movement. Quetzalcoatlus was such a cool creature to learn about - 700lbs! the largest flying creature ever!! it seems like there was a lot of back-and-forth over what their main diet consisted of - did they skim the water? or did they eat mainly small invertebrates? I never would have learned so much if I wasn’t making them for you. The maroon and seafoam green came directly from your list as well. But the Spinosaurus was colored based off the most brilliant one I could find - since they don’t really know, they COULD have been pretty bright!

Also, thanks everyone!


I love that our crafting endeavors take us down interesting rabbit holes of information…I learned so much about pirates from some of the swaps and also about seasons and cultural icons…

I also own the entire collection of Jurassic Park thanks to past swaps…lol…


@JoyfulClover I absolutely adore that dotee and the little tin is so well done. I love the “sand” on the bottom. Very creative.

I received the most amazing package about 15 minutes ago from @Ewulotta. It has definitely made my day. I’m so thrilled that I can’t even stop smiling with all of the beautiful dinosaur goodies.

She sent me this adorable stegosaurus pouch. She used corduroy and it looks so much like dinosaur scales. I love love love corduroy so much and this color of green is so pretty. She made the spikes in magenta which is one of my very favorite colors. She even has a little Ewulotta tag on it. It’s so well done!!!

You know what else I love? Polka dots. Check out the inside!

She also sent these awesome dinosaur wall art pieces. I love the texture and colors. Mustard yellow is another one of my absolute favorite colors. Soooo pretty. They came off of their bases in transit when they made their long trip, but I’m going to get them glued back down this afternoon and hung in my craft room once they dry.

Here’s a close up:

And finally, this is her very first embroidery! Can you believe it? It’s so well done. Here is a close up shot taken in today’s sunshine:

I love it so much that I’ve already put it into a frame and put it in my craft room. Here she is in her new home. I love the green and blue and magenta together. So perfect!!! You can see the different colors of green she used a little better in this photo:


I love how the colors of your pouch match up to the embroidery! Love those two colors together as well!

And, what a cute idea for those little dinosaur taxidermies!

I am really in awe of how the people in this swap came up with such a variety of crafts…

I might need to borrow a couple of them…:slight_smile:

Well done, @Ewulotta!


I’m still astonished that it only took about a week to arrive :smile:
I had so much fun to make those things for you and I’m glad you like them!
My daughter wanted to nick the pouch when she saw it :joy: I guess I have to make one for her too. Her brother in contrast didn’t get the idea of a dino pouch and even said he found it stupid :joy:
I like how the embroidery looks in the frame.
Thank you @Kwality570 for being my swap partner! And for organizing this swap!

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So much Steggy goodness! What a great package

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I got the most amazing and absolutely perfect package from @artsycandice! It is absolutely perfect for me!! I love it so much. Thank you a million times!.
First up, she painted me two absolutely beautiful wooden eggs with dinosaurs peeking out.

Seriously, get a look at these two. They are so wonderfully done. I think painting on a curve would be so hard but she did it beautifully.
Next up, she made me pillow covers for my couch!! I absolutely LOVE these more than words can say. They match up perfectly with my Summer living room colors. The dinos look great with my teal curtains!

Even the back is darling. I switch my room between teal and red so the back and trim make it so I could use them either season!

Absolutely amazing swap package. You made this an amazing swap. Thank you so much!!!


Omg. Y’all are some talented folks. Seriously, this gallery shines!

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@artsycandice love those eggs! And those pillow covers are awesome!

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What a great final package to add to the swap gallery. Everyone has sent and received now, so we’ll call it a close with those amazing pillows!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Agreed, great gallery! I loved this swap so much!

FYI - In case anyone missed it, the next round of ideas are up!

Wow you guys, this gallery is absolutely amazing!! So many fabulous, creative things!!

Those eggs are amazing!

But, I truly love those pillows…

Fun and VERY creative gallery…I thought it would be a lot of similar projects, but, seriously, there were so many great takes on this subject…fabulous job by organizer and participants!