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Let’s see those dinos!

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Ready for some dino goodies!? Here’s what @Kwality570 made for my son

A dino hat and a dino bag :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He is super happy and I promise I’ll post some pictures of him later. It’s just perfect! Leann used yarn that she had dyed herself and I think it’s absolutely beautiful and so dino-ish.
She also threw in some dino art work

Thank you so much, Leann! We love everything :two_hearts:


Oh my goodness!! That bag and hat are too cute!! :t_rex:


The yarn and the bag and hat combo made with it are wonderful and fun! Beautiful work!

The art work is very nice as well…is it fabric?


I’m soo glad that your little one likes everything. I had a ton of fun making all of it.

It’s actually a pour art that I made several years ago. When I was looking for a little canvas in my craft room to make some art, I saw the pour art canvas board in the pile and thought it would make a good background. I chopped off the parts I didn’t need with a huge papercutter and painted the dino silhouette on top!


Even more awesome! The background is perfect for a silhouette! Has that boggy hot earth feel…


They turned out so well, @Kwality570! And the dyed yarn was perfect. What a sweet package!

The spikes are epic, though. Oh to be a little kiddo running around with this set. Super jelly!



Wow! Awesome Dino package!!


Such a cute dino set! The colors work perfectly together. Add in the fun at piece and it is a spectacular start to the gallery!


I received much awesomeness from @gozer today. Squee!

Here are all the things. Everything came in this adorable drawstring bag:

This stitched pendant:

This felt brooch:

And a cuff with cross-stitched dinos:

This is too much. They are all so adorable. Thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart:


Such tiny cute surprises in that adorable bag! I love the pendant!


@Kwality570 I loved the backpack and hat! Its so cute! I want to see some action pics @Ewulotta. And I loved the artwork. That background is stunning. I loved how molten it looks, like the sky is full of dust, yet the brightness is peeking through. Fantastic use of an acrylic pour.

@artsycandice I’m so glad you liked your package. The drawstrings bag reminded me of a carrot after I finished it. Lol!


@gozer that pendant, tho!!! Truly epic!


I’m loving the start to your gallery dino friends! I’ll definitely be back to check it all out :smiley:

@Kwality570 that dino set is amazing! I would love that backpack for myself :sweat_smile:

@gozer your package is so cute!! I love the pendant and the brooch :heart_eyes:

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That package from @gozer is amazing!

  • That bag is so cute and can be reused for all sorts of things. Great idea.
  • I love the scene you created for the pendant. The geometric lines on the outside look so cool next to the organic stitching. It’s fantastic!
  • That brooch is so cute. I love the cute little flowers and I bet that @artsycandice will find a great place to affix it so she can see it all of the time.
  • The cuff is soooooo cute. Those dinos are fantastic. I love the purple and the orange. They definitely pop and look really great against that blue background.
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What wonderful packages so far! :slight_smile: The cute little yarn dino accessories!! And the stitched brooch and cross-stitched bracelet! Wow!! XD

And now I get to add another amazing package to the mix! Look at what my fantastic partner made me! XD

Two super useful bowl cozies with adorable dino constellation fabric!! I’ve actually been wanting some of these lately too!

And then there’s this gorgeous mini quilt:

Aaaaahhhh it’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to put it up on my wall!! The backing is the same pretty constellation fabric as the bowl cozies, and even the quilting itself is dino shaped! I love it so much!

Thank you SO MUCH, @wereradletshug!


That mini quilt is wonderful and so fun!


Another package for the gallery…the quilt is magical and that bowl holder will be a new favorite, I’m sure!!!


Oh my goodness! How in the heck do you do the quilting in a dinosaur pattern?! I’ve never seen that before. That takes an already increadible miniquilt to the next level! All that paper piecing. @wereradletshug, you out did yourself! Wow and wow. Its insane. And bowl cozies? They are hands down my favorite to give people. They are so useful and I love the fabric you used.


Squee!!! That MAQ is fantastic! The colors are epic - so saturated! And the best little dinos ever!

The constellation fabric was the perfect compliment.