Dinosaurs in Space - Zip-up Onesie

LittleBookLover has a g-tube button (feeding tube in his stomach). He sometimes pulls it out and at the beginning of August, he pulled it out multiple times in one week. When he gets to the point of repeatedly pulling it out, I will typically put him in a zip up onesie to prevent access. Unfortunately, now that he’s getting older and bigger, they aren’t as easy to find in his size. So I decided I would make some for him.

I found a pattern on Etsy that seemed pretty versatile and looked like it would work for years to come. When I went to Joann, I had visions of myself whipping up onesies for every season. Shorts, pant legs, long sleeves, short sleeves, I’d have a onesie ready to go whenever it was needed. But, since I’ve never sewn any garments before, I figured I’d better start by limiting myself to just enough fabric to make one onesie.

I measured LittleBookLover and followed the pattern creator’s guidelines for blending sizes. Once I got the pattern cut, I went to work. After dealing with the many frustrations of sewing jersey knit fabric, I discovered that the best way to go about it was to use the walking foot. I finally finished up the onesie and corralled LittleBookLover to put it on him. But my elation at finishing was short-lived.

Despite taking measurements and customizing the fit based on his specific measurements (size 6 in the chest and height, 2t in the waist, etc), the fit was off. The chest area is fairly baggy and the whole thing needs to be longer as it currently pulls down at his shoulders. I was hoping for a snug pajama-like fit (it is a pajama pattern), but with the chest area being so loose, it pretty much makes the onesie pointless for it’s intended purpose. LittleBookLover can still easily get a grip around his button through the fabric and pop it right out :woman_facepalming:.

Now that I know the areas that I need to make changes to, I can obviously make a more custom fitting onesie, but to be honest, I’m kind of over it now. Thankfully, he’s been mostly leaving his button alone lately and now that we’re getting into the cooler months, I can just put him in some of the fleece zip-ups they sell for bigger kids.

I do like the space dino fabric though and since I have plenty of extra, I am hoping to make him a shirt with it. Hopefully round 2 of ‘AudiobookLover sews clothes’ will go better than my first attempt (especially because I may have already purchased a pattern and some Halloween fabric to make LittleBookLover a cute Halloween shirt) :crossed_fingers:!


Aww, it turned out cute, even if it doesn’t function the way you were hoping. And he’s such a cutie. That smile!


Thank you! I have to agree, I love that smile :blush:.


He looks like he absolutely loves it! He has such a great smile!
The onesie looks great. I love that you matched up the fabric across the zipper. I am partial to dinosaurs, so it made it even cooler. Hopefully you get the fit you want on the next round. Practice makes perfect!


Oh, this fabric is fantastic! Sorry that the fit is not perfect for the intended purpose - it still looks super cute!!


How cute!
Maybe use a medical binder instead of a whole garment. They are basically wide elastic with a velcro closure.
even a firm, stretchy fabric might work. Boob tubes are sometimes used for adult patients with dementia who pull out stuff that shouldnt be pulled out.

Put the velcro at the back, so he can’t unfasten it.


He’s so cute! And it looks like he likes it…. Hopefully you’ll get some use out of it even though you aren’t thrilled w the fit? You did a great job!
Be sure to show us how the shirt comes out, if you can!

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Thank you all for the kind comments!

@steiconi, Thank you for the suggestions! I’ve tried a few things including some tubular netting (it was totally tubular, lol) and ace bandages, among other ideas. The problem we always run into is that because he crawls, everything always works it’s way up off the tube site. But a medical binder might work, and your comment reminded me that there’s a company that actually makes a neoprene ‘belt’ to go around the gtube site. The neat thing about the belt is that there’s a hard plastic ‘turtle shell’ that covers the button. I don’t know how I’d forgotten about that.


Such a cutie! That smile probably lights up every room! And the pjs ARE really cute. Bummer they didn’t fit the way you’d hoped.

Wow! The fabric is almost as amazing as his smile! I think I need some pajamas for myself in the same fabric.

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