DIY Barn Door

We never use our “formal” dining room. We’re not particularly formal people. I mean, I’m pretty chuffed with myself on days I manage to wear pants. Is there a badge for that? :trophy:

So anyway, we wanted to turn the dining room into a listening/audio/music room. Unfortunately, there was a really tall archway from the dining room to the kitchen, so sound would “escape” through that evil portal. I sourced premade doors and barn doors, but the costs were ridiculous for that height, so I figured I would try my hand at making one.

Started with this.

Cut oodles of diagonal boards & started adhered them to the “back” of the door (finished plywood). I used glue & nails, but you could probably just use nails. Since it’s a music room, I wanted to reduce the chance of any rattle or shake among the slats.

More of the same. Glue glue glue. Nail nail nail.

That nailer is my favoritest tool ever. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Almost there!

I actually LOVED how it looked without stain, but wanted something a little richer and deeper for the space.

And finally, to apply stain. I mixed two colors together (carbon grey with a bit of kona – my fave!).

And up she goes! See how tall it is compared to the size of his head! :joy:

I got the hardware kit (rail & rollers) online. They are silent rollers & have a safety stop not only at the ends, but also from lifting and toppling forward off the railing, too (important when you have littles around the house :wink: ). I also got a handle for it, but decided not to attach it. We just slide it by grabbing the edge.

I painted the reverse side with chalkboard paint, so now I have a huge chalkboard in the kitchen for doodling, recipes & menus.


Oooooh this is really cool! I love how much the stain makes the wood grain pop. Good luck with the rest of the room!!

*side note: I have to admit, when I clicked on the title, I half expected to find a cut and sew demo, where I could hear about updating my pants!

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That’s gorgeous! Wow! The chalkboard side is cool idea too

You are SO freaking talented with the making of large wood things! The door is gorgeous, love the detailed tutorial-I feel like I could do the same! First though, pants :sunglasses:

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Amazing! Your projects are so inspiring.
I was totally not expecting to see a made-from-scratch barn door. You’re one talented broad :smiley:

Finally, someone else who repurposes little used rooms into something more useful for the family!

Excellent work…looks like you and that nailer are indeed best friends!

Turned out to be pretty and functional on both sides of the door!

The talents are strong with this one (you).

WOW! That turned out great! Great looking and super functional!

I am beyond amazed!

multipurpose! I love it!

the door looks great. Can’t say I would have thought to make my own door.

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You weren’t kidding when you said that was a tall archway! :open_mouth: The door turned out beautifully and I love that not only does it look nice, it’s transforming your house into the place you want it to be. A music room sounds like an awesome idea!

Awesome work!!

Plain old archways and orange peel texture on walls are such a big trend in homes here. I extremely dislike both of them. :crazy_face:

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I love how this (and the cafe backdrop) is a “no wasted space” success- the beauty of the music room side combined with the functionality of the giant chalk board side for the kitchen is a genius combo. You are so, so clever. I love it!

The coolest thing ever!

Oh what a great idea! Love the door, but would also love to see the other side from your kitchen.
I’ve thought about using chalkboard paint, but just haven’t because of all the dust chalk makes… however, I’ve seen chalk markers? I might could deal with that!

That looks so impressive! You did great work!

This is very, very cool! This looks completely professional, and I’ll bet it’s a better quality than those expensive pre-made doors. BRAVO!!

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That is so cool, wonderful that you made a door!

We’ve always loved these doors, no room for one here but now that I’ve seen you make yours I will keep it in mind for another space! Mostly though my favourite thing is that adorable little face peeking round the side, lol. Your house seems like it’s full of fun :smiley: