Itty Bitty Sewing Time

I don’t think I’ve ever made a miniature anything. I mean, my last two projects were a door and a WALL. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Alas, my beloved friends have been encouraging forcing me to go outside my comfort zone lately. :unamused: I’m told that’s where the magic happens. I’m not certain I believe them yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot. :laughing:

First, I made three balls of yarn. I used pony beads and just wrapped embroidery thread through them over & over until they started to resemble yarn. Then I made itty bitty labels. :two_hearts: That wasn’t too painful, so I continued on my miniature journey…

Next, I have a whirl at making some skeins of yarn. They were even easier! I cut a couple chunks of paper straws and wrapped embroidery thread through them - very similar to the balls of yarn. Again, with the tiny labels, of course. :wink:

And lastly, what sewing kit would be complete without a good ole cookie tin? :smile: My grandma always had one full of sewing notions and childhood disappointment. It brings me so much joy to think of it now.

To make the tin, I used a few really special, dark blue buttons I’ve been holding onto for yearsss. I stacked them together with super glue, and topped them with a gold button that had raised gold trim just like the butter cookie tin! It was meant to be. :raised_hands:t2: I covered the outer edge of the gold button with blue paint to match the rest of the “tin.” Then I printed itty bitty labels and attached them with Mod Podge.

I’ve had those seemingly-silly buttons since 1999 when my Grandma passed away. My family let me inherit ALL of her spectacular craft supplies. :sob: And, man, was her craft room a glorious place – just chock-full of buttons and glitters and trinkets! I always wanted to live in it. :joy:

I never had the perfect project for those buttons.

Until now.


LETTUCE CRAFT NOTE: This project was crafted and donated to the Craft Stars Fundraiser ! It is available via online auction until Saturday, February 8. For more information, please visit the auction listing.


These are so teeny and cute! Thanks for sharing how you made them. And may I just say, you could be a hand model!


I love this so much. It’s incredible! I do believe you’ve just found yourself another hobby - miniatures!

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It sounds like you really did find the project for those supplies.

P.S.~The LC characters on the label :heart_eyes:!

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Wait, wait, wait… I see tiny things in the background. This project is awesome but it’s a teaser! That’s gonna drive me bonkers, I can’t even stand it!


Those are soooooo cute! I think that’s one of my favorite thing about miniatures. You can use the most random bits in your stash to make the most perfect miniatures :smiley:

Love love LOVE! I’ve done the yarn skeins before but never the balls or tin. Mind blown… :star_struck:

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The tin is what takes this project over the top! All good grandmas had a tin or two with supplies stored away for projects. At Christmas time I sometimes cave and buy the cookies just so I can keep the tin.


So smol! So cute!

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Those are the most divine looking miniature skeins of yarn I’ve ever seen.

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Oh my gosh. These are ridiculously adorable.

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OMG, I loved those tiny yarn balls, but then that cookie tin! Be still my heart! You are a miniaturist. Do not deny it.


So tiny!! That tin, oh my!!

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You had me at miniature…then yarn…but the kicker was the cookie tin…that brought up such memories of my great grandma, grandma, and my mom…and now me!

You have the heart to love tiny things and the skills to make them happen!!!

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How amazing! Not only did you try something new, but you also got to use buttons that you’ve had for so long. I think the results are amazing :smiley:

The fact that you made a cookie box that is for storing craft supplies out of craft supplies you inherited from your grandmother is amazing.


WOW, JUST WOW … I love miniatures and the fact you made them is even better.

The cookie tin blew me away!

Now I have to try making my own mini yarns.

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Every bit is exactly so! :heart:

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These are absolutely lovely. :slight_smile:

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I hate to break it to you but you are indeed a miniaturist! Hard to believe this is your first tiny project. Please make sure it’s not the last! That cookie tin is the best. It’s moving me to rummage around in my button stash.