DIY Bike Basket - w/ tutorial

When I fixed up my daughter’s bike she requested a basket for all her things.

I didn’t find one that fit the bike and looked sturdy enough, so I took some basic measurements an made my own:

It features reflective fabric and tape for better visibility

If anyone likes to make one I’ve written a basic tutorial. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of all steps.


  • plastic placemats
  • about a fat quarter of sturdy fabric
  • some bias tape


  1. Cut 3 rectangles from the placemats

    • Back: 15cm x 20cm
    • Front: 15cm x 40 cm
    • Bottom: 20cm x 10cm

  2. Round two corners of the bottom rectangle

  3. Use some painter’s tape to attach the front to the bottom to determine the final length of the front piece (it depends on the corner radius)

  4. Mark length, remove tape and cut to length

  5. Cut a fabric rectangle:

    • length:front + back + 1 cm + 2x your preferred seam allowance
    • height: 35cm
    • if you want to use a different fabric on the inside just piece it together
  6. Fold the fabric right side inside so that the short edges meet. Sew together to form a loop.

  7. Sew two strips of fabric 3cm wide and a bit longer than the circumference of your handlebar. Alternatively you could use webbing.

  8. Sew the strips to the right side of your loop.

  9. Fold the loop lengthwise wrong side together. This will form the walls of your basket

  10. Insert the front and back piece into this loop. The middle of the back piece should line up with the center seam.

  11. Sew along the open edge. Trim seam allowance to the width of your bias tape.

  12. Sandwich the bottom piece between two fabric pieces and sew around the edge. Trim seam to the width of your bias tape.

  13. Pin the bottom to the body of the basket and finish with bias tape (or reflective tape as I did).

Tell me if you need a sketch for any of the steps.


Well this is wonderful. Bookmarking for future use and reference! Thanks!!

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What a neat idea to use plastic placemats! Love this addition to the already wonderful bike you redid!

Oh my goodness. This is so sweet. Thanks for the tutorial!

This is just fantastic! Thanks for adding in a tutorial!

@irid3sc3nt mentioned making a larger basket for an adult bike.
Here are some typical measurements

  • width: 36cm
  • height: 24cm
  • depth: 26 cm

That would result in the following plastic pieces:

  • back: 36cm x 24cm
  • bottom: 36cm x 26cm
  • front: 88cm x 24cm

The front piece needs to be pieced together if you are using placemats. But maybe someone comes up with an idea what else to use.

placemats… brilliant! I will def. be making this. thanks so much for the tute!!