DIY Lily Luggage

I needed a garment bag. A sane person might head to the store, but nooooooo…


Um, it doesn’t look lumpy like that in person, all straight lines and beautifully bound seams, like in the “folded” picture below…

the guts

I got some canvas upholstery fabric (Waverly’s Seaside Lily, in case you’re drooling) on eBay last November, with no idea what I’d ever do with it. Soooo pretty!
54" wide, 120" long; there was some left over from the garment bag, so I made a matching overnight bag:

There was one small piece of fabric left, so I had to use it for a pouch. It’s a rectangle, you can imagine it without a photo.


But a sane person would not have that fabulous print and customized bag!!! Turned out great and functional! Double loops on the inside…and staggered…wow…now that is inventive…

I am sure you will get a lot of use for these both! I bet that L—O–N–G zipper was a joy to put in…lol…

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zippers are easy if you do them before constructing the rest of the project, just long straight stitches. If you wait, you’re #$%&ed.

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and thanks for the warning about all the hangers poking out the top. The patterns I looked at online all did it that way, so I designed my own guts.

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Personalized is so much better than store bought! It looks so much more cheerful as well.

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Love the fabric! And great job on the bag!


Wow, it looks great! The print is fabulous!

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The bag looks great. Don’t you hate it when you cant get an accurate picture? I am sure it is straight. It looks it, don’t fret!

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So pretty!

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Thanks! I guess the shoulder strap is pulling at it, to make it hang funny.

And thanks for all the kind comments, everybody!

It’s fabulous!

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:dizzy: :cherry_blossom: Congrats, your wonderful garment bag is one of this week’s featured projects! :cherry_blossom: :dizzy:

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Update, after 3 weeks on the road
I carry too much stuff even for a single night stay. The duffle is too heavy; a friend was getting rid of a rolly bag, so now I’m using that. Not nearly as cute, but much easier.

The garment bag does a good job protecting my clothes, but the “guts” didn’t work out; the hangers all came loose. I snipped open the top so I can use several loose hangers, and added a ribbon to restrain them.


I love your real life reviews!

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It’s a learning process. I’d hate for the next person to follow my directions that led to a less than optimal result.

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