Doing his best- a family ATC

Trying to get a jump on family ATCs this year so that I don’t have a pile of them to do at the end of the year…

This one is deliberately blurred… if you don’t want to see cartoon vomit, don’t unblur it!

When my middle son was about 6 or so, we went on a road trip that included a visit to my parents (15 hours away by car). He was asleep but woke up about 10 minutes away from our destination and got sick. EVERYWHERE. Poor little guy cupped his hands trying to hold as much as he could… and kept holding it until we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. In that moment, it was less funny, but we still chuckle about that little boy, sitting in the middle of all that mess, making sure that the small amount he was holding onto in his cupped little hands didn’t spill. :smile: Kids are funny!


So gross, but so funny!
Great hands by the way!

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Thank you!! :smile:

Bless his little heart! No doubt about it humans, kids in particular, are so gross, but ya’ just gotta laugh!

Our dearly departed dog, Betty, got carsick on about 80% of car trips and almost exclusively within minutes of arriving back home.


It was amusing to a degree at the time, but the intervening years have made it funnier.

Poor Betty!

Aw, poor kid! (And poor mom, since I’m sure you wound up cleaning the car.) Great card!

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Lol! Thank you!

Yep, I cleaned it, along with my mom. My husband was willing but he would have just made more mess… he does not handle vomit well… :nauseated_face:

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Oh no! (My kid used to get carsick from highway exhaust fumes; I remember an early occasion when I went out for the day and she gave me a whole string of last-minute advice ending with, “Don’t throw up in the car, Mommy!”)


Hahaha! Kids are funny that way. I like how you included the subtle green around the eyes.

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Thanks, guys!