Double handed oven mitt

This is my favourite kind of oven mitt, the one that fits both hands at once! We have one but it’s getting old and I’ve always wanted to make another. Then today I found some insulbrite I forgot I’d picked up before all this covid business, I’ve been rummaging the stash trying to use stuff up and there it was!

I paired 2 favourite dotty green fabrics with some solid and another shade of green bias.

Sewing all those criss-crossy lines was a right pain in the bum but worth it in the end as it’s nice and thick and sturdy to stand up to the rough-housing 5 people get up to in our kitchen.


Great work! I love the colours you chose :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Something like this is next but I’ll likely add pockets to it.

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Pockets so you can hold it more easily? They are going to be great :slight_smile:

Yes, like the ones shaped as butterflies but a leaf.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a double handed pot holder before, what a great idea! You seem to be doing a pretty good job of working through your stash! It’s always nice to find an unexpectedly helpful element amidst the stash.


This turned out great. Just recently I was wondering if a double handed oven mitt would be more practical than regular ones.

Any chance you can share the dimensions?

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Sure. I’ll draft a pattern and create a tutorial to share. I mean to make another one for my sister with some fabric that has cassette tapes printed on it, it’s so retro and cute!

I am really enjoying this time to create and work through stash without being able to add to it. I know some people are online shopping but I like to do that in person to check quality and colour so I haven’t bought anything except elastic for fabric masks. I still have loads of stuff to use, I could never resist a thrift store score and my craft room is full of treasures.

That’s great! I need to make some more potholders, ours are getting pretty old and beat up.

It looks great! The double-handed ones are so practical.

Well, I never thought I’d say this, but that’s a gorgeous oven mitt! I am always enamored of this style, but am always uncertain it would get used much. Maybe when next I’m making pot holders, I’ll give one a shot and just finally find out!

I had to look CLOSE to see that seam!