Dragon bookmark and lettering “tutorial”

I made this bookmark for @curiousfae in the bookmark swap.

I was pretty happy with how the drawing turned out. It was based on a tattoo I saw.

Personally, I think my partner’s lettering skills are phenomenal. But she said she wanted to learn how I lettered the bookmark, so here’s a quick and dirty, mini tutorial.

I start by laying out the space where I want the lettering to go.

In this case, I wanted to center the lettering so I found the midpoint.

Then I worked out where the center would be for the phrase I wanted to letter.

Roughing in the letters.

Adding flourishes

Inking main lettering

Crossing and dotting

Then you just erase all your pencil lines.

This was done a lot larger than I’d normally do it. Here’s a sample in the scale I’m most comfortable with:

I’m confident that @curiousfae would take this process and create an amazing new art form with it!!


Cool tute,thanks!

I never thought to add the flourishes to plain letters, great technique!


Beautiful bookmark; that eye is amazing! Thanks also for the tute.



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Thanks for the lettering tute, I’ve wondered if you could pencil in first and then erase but was always scared to try it and have everything smudge.


Just make sure that your ink is dry, that’s all.

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A bookmark like this might make me stop reading more often! And thanks for including the tutorial for lettering!

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What a magical book mark! That eye is stunning. Thank you so much for demystifying lettering a bit…your results are fantastic!

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Thank you!

Looks really good, nice spark of life in that eye.

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Somehow (even though you tagged me :woman_facepalming:t3:) I missed this when it was posted! So sorry!
Thank you for posting it because I loved your lettering so much. It’s keeping the letters nice and uniform that catch my eye. And those little flourishes took it to the next level and really gave it the look that I love. I’m going to reference this for sure.

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it! It’s a bit intimidating because your lettering is so superb!