Dress for Ren Faire

“Mom,can you make a dress like this?” Why yes, yes I can.

NOT MY PICTURE: this is what she sent me as inspiration.

This is what I made.

Day 1: go to thrift shop and look for fabric or a dress to make over. Sheets!

Look through pattern stash for something useful.

Wash fabric.

Day 2: Cut out and sew to the point where it needs to be fitted.

Days 3-5: Cool your jets.
Day 6: Visit daughter in another city and finish.

I used my 70-year-old ruffler, and the equally old buttonholer from my Singer Featherweight, but attached them to my modern Bernina, with a eyelet cam in the buttonholer that was 3D printed by my daughter. HOW COOL IS THAT?


That turned out so beautifully! I love this sort of request. Yes, yes I can make that! So satisfying.

Awesome!!! She looks very pleased with her new costume!! I have Ren Faire costumes that I made but I totally cheated and bought the patterns for the costumes, whereas you took the bull by the horns and just made this come together! I love that!

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Turned out beautiful…my favorite, though, is that your daughter came to you, probably knowing that you could indeed take on this challenge! lol…Of course, you can!!!


gorgeous! Your daughter is lucky to have a parent like you!

Nice job!

I love being asked that question!
That color choice of fabric is gorgeous on your daughter. Great job, mom!

hahahahaha know that feeling!

She looks amazing in it and I love you used old sheets from the thrift store!

I love it!

It was hurry up, and wait, and then hurry up again.

Looks fantastic! I haven’t made some garb in a hot minute. This inspires me to do so. I need an Irish dress. Well. “Need” being subjective.


Wonderful 2nd life for those thrift store sheets. Love the finished dress!!

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So very lovely!

How beautiful!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

That’s amazing–great job. You must feel so accomplished–I would be singing in the shower…and the car…and the grocery store. :rofl:

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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