Drink Coasters from Cuisenaire Rods

The Kindergarten teacher was getting rid of a bin of cuisenaire rods. I like all of the colors but particularly the old, faded ones.

These are coasters I made by gluing the rods together, backed with felt. Use the semi-stiff felt because if the coaster flexes, the glue may not hold.


very interesting, mondrianesque, mid century
and recycled!

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These are GREAT! For all the reasons @steiconi mentioned, plus the potential for nostalgia.

I had not heard of these and now I intend to keep my eyes peeled at thrift shops and garage sales. Thereโ€™s a lot of potential!

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These are fantastic! I recently saw some wooden trivets with a modern design; these remind me of those. So cool!

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Love these!! Wood glue holds pretty well and if you have a some sort of clamp to hold it together. Helps keep it from being flexy too!

fond memories of Cuisenaire rods! now I know what to do if I ever decide to get rid of (or repurpose) my set โ€“ nice idea!

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Awesome coasters!

Ive never heard of these either and I love what youโ€™ve done with them!

So classy looking!

I donโ€™t know what those things are but I sure am glad you saved them because the are fantastic looking as coasters? Wow, so interesting.

Very cool! I love that you saved something someone was getting rid of, and how you gave something which obviously has a patina of age about it, a whole new life.

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