Easter Egg Swap Gallery

I got a spectacular swap package from @Bugaboo today! Be warned—lots of pictures! Here is the whole thing (minus a package of Cosmic Brownies that apparently grew legs and went home with my son before I took pictures.)
Yellow is my favorite color, so it was fun to get a boxful of sunshine. I love the iridescent eggs, and was blown away by the ginormous yellow bonus egg! Underneath all the trimmings was a fun egg box.
I like to make pysanky (wax-resist-dyed) eggs, and this will be great to store some of them.

I opened the giant egg first.

It had a stitched egg with a cute ladybug fabric, two ink pads, and four cute stamps.

The orange egg had fun papercrafting bits and an embroidered bee appliqué.

See the little tags? They have different washi tapes wrapped around them. Yay! I love washi tape.

Next up, the purple egg.

It had a wonderful crochet-encased egg. (Feels maybe wooden…?) I’m so impressed with the stitching and the multicolor thread/yarn.

The pink egg had the most adorable little chick on a spool.

I had asked for Easter decor, and she came through in a big way! I just love this sweet chick, surrounded with vintage flowers and netting.

The green and blue eggs had Teesha patches in them. She said they are the first ones she has ever made. (Hard to believe, I know!)
Do you see the rabbit? I love the sunny fabric on the back of this one, too.

Then a very cool one with rocket ships. So many tiny stitches! Amazing!

I hope she does the next Teesha patch swap when it comes around; her patches are incredible!

Thank you so much, @Bugaboo! I so love everything!


Such a great package. The crochet egg cover is cool and the egg holder is neat. That little bird on the spool is my favorite. So darling!


I received my Easter egg package from @momiemae !

Here’s the whole set of cute speckled eggs and one BIG one:

(Paprika has been having fun batting the eggs around!)

And here are the contents!

There are two lovely pins (I especially love the llama!), a darling little dice bag for me to use when my D&D sessions finally start moving back to in-person, a whimsical mushroom pencil topper (currently sticking out of the top of my pencil cup on my desk to make me smile), and from the big egg: a sparkly latte Christmas ornament! (Yes, I asked for Christmas ornaments in my Easter eggs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Thanks so much for all of these, momiemae! You covered so many of my wishes! XD


I love the ornament a latte!
The little mushroom is too cute!


The little chickie! And the ginormous eggs are the coolest! I love the size limitations of this desk they really made everyone think outside the box (egg???)

Love all these teeny tiny goodies!!


Wow, @roler and @endymion what wonderful easter bunny deliveries, so many adorable things. I keep going back to see more!


I received an additional package from @kayrun today. She had ordered me these bracelets From my questionnaire and forgot to include them in my Easter egg package. They are so pretty and Eastery! And I got this card she altered for a gorgeous Easter theme too. Thank you again!!!


oh, I’m glad they arrived quickly! They look great on you!
and I should have added a footnote on the card – this is actually happy mail that I rec’d recently from @endymion that she intended to be reused for someone else, so I was able to turn right around & send to you! :heart:


lovely patches, @Bugaboo !! I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to try those, even though I have the supplies, LOL
also love the idea of the egg carton/container!!

So many fun ideas throughout this gallery – I already want to do this swap again, LOL
What else can we use as the theme for this summer/ fall? teehee

and @momiemae , what a nice selection! I admire your crochet skills! That mushroom pencil topper is delightful! :mushroom:


I received from @roler today! She sent lots of tasty candy, 3 cute plushies (my son loves Pokemon), a crochet bookmark, koala, bird, and cute chick magnet (I think that’s my favorite).

Thanks so much, I love everything!!


The crocheted critters are adorable!


Oooh. Can we get a loser pic of the crochet items? I cant see them too well. But the package looks amazing.


I put up a post with the crafts I made here:

And here are some closeups of the tiny amis in their eggs:


Adorable! That chick looks like a project i could handle…thx for the great ideas!




That koala is SO CUTE!!! I can’t believe he fit in an agg!


@roler What an amazing package! That koala melts my heart. And I love that you included a springy robin! They definitely mean spring is coming!


There are so many cool and creative ways to stuff an Easter egg! Such a creative group. Loving all the pictures.


I adore that robin! :heart_eyes:


Mel’s package was great! I finally have pictures of everything – I will upload this afternoon! And that bee is even more adorable in real life! Thank you so much, Mel!