Easter Egg Swap Gallery

Yes, i think it would be even leas wax. :frowning:


Wow! That IS small!


everything is so cute! haven’t seen slap bracelets since my kids were young – what a cute idea! and the chicks, rabbit & sheep are adorable :slight_smile:


ooh, I need that wee little knit bee pattern!

@MightyMitochondria and @MissingWillow , the egg candle & the bunny diorama are so sweet!

Love this gallery & all of the tiny ideas!


its a free one on ravelry - abelha claudete

but going over to rav to find it found this pattern and now i almost want to make a bee puppet!!


It is bitter cold here in New York State today, but a box arrived from @jillybeans that brightened my day in a big way!

I opened the box to find a wrapped Easter basket! So very pretty.

There are so many fun goodies inside. I love Snoopy and she made me a Snoopy book mark, key chain and a decal for my car! Once it warms up I can put that on. She also made me a very cute bracelet!!! Thank you.

In addition to the chocolate bunny, there are fun candies in the eggs and some very fun lemon stickers.

I love everything. Very thoughtful and much appreciated. You are very talented @jillybeans !!



Such a cute package!


Such a cheery basket and the shaped eggs are so cute! Is the bracelet made with paracord? The bookmark with its little Snoopy dangle is very cute, too.


@jillybeans those Snoopy’s are so cute! And the bracelet is great. Adorable eggs and presentation.


@Amfkinney , your basket in a box is darling! Snoopy is always such fun.

My pkg from @Kwality570 arrived Friday, but I forced myself to wait until she rec’d her pkg, and when I got the word that she got it today, I unwrapped!
Gorgeous blue paper grass in which eggs in all shades of blue were nesting.

I was absolutely thrilled to get some magnets with Kwality’s signature adorable monsters! They are already on my fridge & I think I’ll take a couple to school for the filing cabinet.
She read my mind about wanting some stickers to attach to happy mail!! Thanks so much for all of these! I will smile each time I send one off.
The crocheted bunny is just so sweet! Since my crochet skills are minimal, I am very impressed with this amigurumi.
The bag charm has yet another monster on it, and funny enough, I almost made you a shrinky dink, but I ran out of time. I swear, I felt like the ideas just get flowing the day or 2 before sendouts, but I had to pick a few & stick with the decision.
As I wrote in my PM to you, I totally agree that carving stamps is HARD. We both attempted it for this swap, and you were definitely more successful than I was! I am going to practice & hopefully send you a better one in the future :smiley:
I like the row counter & the cute tin for storage – I have never used one of these, but have seen that idea & think it will come in handy!
I’ve already eaten half of the Twix egg & will finish it off with my coffee this evening - yum!
Oh, I forgot to mention the Soak wash packets – they are fantastic, and will definitely be used when I wash my FO’s! Love the fact that you don’t have to rinse it out – less to worry about!
I think I’ve listed everything – what a fab swap box!
Thanks again – I am thrilled to have been your partner! Also @gozer , thanks for organizing & dreaming up such a fun swap idea!! :heart:
FYI I’m having a photo issue, so I’ll post this before I lose my typing & then add the pics later.


That package is just adorable!


Love those bunny-shaped eggs, so cute and full of wonderful goodies.


I received from @kayrun yesterday and boy did she deliver the happy goodness!

This adorable tiny knit monster!!! He has magnet hands!!!

Cutie patootie knit lemon with a face since I said I like anthropomorphic fruits and veggies:

Pipe cleaner bunny and carrot!!! Gah! Too cute!!!

Mini house spool and adorable Dino:

A carved sun stamp, two patches, my favorite candies (with some missing and now eaten), stickers, and some tatted stitch markers made by a friend!

She thoughtfully included ALL of my favorite things that I listed on my questionnaire. I’m over thr moon with this package!!


That is such a fun package! That monster and lemon are absolutely insane! How adorable!


The cuteness! The extreme cuteness! That lemon and monster are so sweet… Love the little Dino and the patches and the stitch markers… Wow!


The lemon! The bunny! Aaaahhhhh! Loving so the critters!


Easter monsters and who knows what is in the egg? Everything awesome package!


I didn’t realize you had gone back and posted pictures! So cute.
@Kwality570 - That bunny is beyond adorable. And those monsters. I am always jealous when I see your monsters. I want them all! Ha! Such a fun and colorful package.


I love the blues-themed package. That little bunny is so sweet and those monsters are always a joy.


My thoughts EXACTLY.