Easter Jackalope Basket

I love me a cryptid so it shouldn’t be a surprise that jackalopes are part of my spring/Easter decor theme. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that jackalopes aren’t that common of a decoration so I “must” make them! :kissing_heart:

Using the same files as I used for my panda bun, I made this guy! Then instead of making my own eye patch files, I made my own antlers by altering some clipart.


I also added a tail using a scalloped circle punch.

I’m smiitten!

I used 3 colors of pearlescent paper from Recollections and my Cricut Explore to cut the files purchased from svgcuts. com. The wire for the whiskers and handle is bronze colored that I picked up some time in the past in the bead/jewelry section of a craft store.


Love it!!! You’re so creative!

Eep!! Adorable!

That tail is the perfect addition!

This is so stinking cute!!!

So much cuter than all the ridiculous bunny baskets we keep ending up with! :green_heart:

The beginnings of the Easter Jackalope story. I love it!

Thanks so much, y’all!

This made my day! So adorably YOU @TheMistressT. Well done.

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Awwww, you! THANKS!

Super cute!

Aw, thanks so much!