Easy Holiday Crockpot Candy - Great LC Holiday Bakeoff 2023 Entry

I made some easy crockpot candy for my coworkers. I used the following ingredients:

Salted, shelled peanuts
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter
Butterscotch chips
White chocolate chips
Sprinkles to decorate

Add all to your crockpot on low heat. I added the nuts first, but in retrospect should have added the other ingredients (sans sprinkles) first since they need to be melted - the peanut barrier just made the process take longer I think.

The loose recipe concept I was following has you leave it on low heat for about an hour. I left it for an hour and a half to get the chips properly melted.

Once everything is melted, turn off the heat and mix. You can then spoon them onto a tray covered in parchment paper to make little clusters. I found mini muffin cups to use since I was planning to bag them up, and it helps to keep the pieces separated so they don’t stick into one giant glob. Make sure if you’re going to add any decoration like sprinkles to do so before the chocolate coating cools and hardens.

I know you’re asking “what proportions should I use?”…well, I definitely winged it and just dumped the bags of chips I had, etc. I think it’s pretty hard to go wrong as long as you have enough sweet stuff to coat the nuts (and you don’t have to stick with peanuts either!).

This is a super easy, crowd-pleaser if you need to whip something together in a pinch. :slight_smile: Feel free to swap out ingredients, or add in additional ones like dried fruit! This is very versatile and is easy to cater to your crowd.


My kind of cooking! Simple and tasty…and pretty, too!

Nice! Simple but impressive!!

Those look yummy!

Yummmm! I’m a big fan of EASY, too!