Easy Homemade Ramen

I tried something new and made ramen!

I used this recipe:

I followed the recipe and didn’t change much. It was easy to follow and it turned out really well! I even tried making soft boiled eggs using this guide. I couldn’t find ginger paste, so I used minced ginger. The mushrooms were ‘sliced mini bella mushrooms’. And I used ‘less sodium’ soy sauce because that’s what I had. :slight_smile:

(I did fail at cutting my egg nicely - I hit it against the table too hard when I tried to crack the shell to peel it, and it broke open. The second egg looked a lot nicer. :laughing:)

After cutting up the baby bokchoy and green onions & washing the mushrooms:

The chicken was seasoned with salt / pepper / garlic powder and grilled, before covering it and putting it in the oven (at ~200° F) to keep warm.

Just after adding the noodles:


Looks yummy!

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Looks warming and filling, a good combo.
Aren’t jammy eggs fun? Fiddly until you find the right timing that works for you, but then it really upgrades the dish.


Oh, yum! Extra tasty in cool weather!

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Soooo much better than those cruddy flavor packets!!!

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Homemade ramen! Never would have thought to even try to make it. Cool!

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Thst looks so good!

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Looks good! You really nailed it with the eggs.

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Thank you all! :smiley: :ramen:

We’re having this for dinner tonight!

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