Easy-peasy small batch Strawberry Jam

This jam was so easy to make and has been a welcome addition to my charcuterie snack boards. One tub of strawberries (quartered), a quarter cup of lime juice and 1.5 cups of sugar over medium heat. The flavor is a strawberry limeade and really hits the spot during these late summer days.


Sounds delicious

Looks delicious! :strawberry:

Thank you! It pairs really well with a creamy soft cheese.

Oh this sounds divine!!!

Easy and delicious? You’re speaking my language…

Oh I like the sound of the lime

When I make jam I add pectin and I don’t can it, I store it in the freezer. It doesn’t freeze solid (because of the pectin) and it is oh so yummy over a warm biscuit on a hot summer day.
Yours looks beautiful

Lime and strawberries sounds like a great idea!