Easy scrap bracelets

For the summer swap I made these scrap bracelets. They were so easy. I just braided three different scraps of fabric and sewed the edges together. I wrapped some floss around the ends then put caps on them. I added a charm to one of the bracelets.


Nice variety- something for every summer outfit!

And OF COURSE you have a retro mannequin hand. So cool.

So pretty! You should enter this in the scrap challenge.

Cute and fun for summer!

Canโ€™t go wrong with scraps!

These are great. I love how colorful and relaxed they feel. You could wear them to dress up an outfit without being too dressed up.

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I love the scrappy rustic look these have and such a great way to use up scraps.

Yesss, thank you for posting this. Iโ€™m adding this to my 50 projects list!