Effin' Birds "Wash Your Hands" plaque

Made for @Ludi in the Effin’ Birds swap
Layers of cardboard, hand cut cardboard letters, tissue paper, and a lot of paint to make this look sort of metallic.

At one point it looked like this!

The owl is a lot of lace and gathered strips of the trimmings from making fabric masks, sort of appropriate considering the message.

I know Ludi hangs a lot of oddities in the guest washroom and figured this might be a good reminder in there in case anybody should forget. I used a colloquial sort of spelling that differs from the one that includes an 's.

I had this excellent fabric scrapbooking paper in stash and used a pop tab for the hanger.


This is amazing! What a transformation of cardboard. The lace is perfect for the owl. Love it!!!

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I love the little scrappy owl

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HA! The lace owl is the perfect touch.

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whoa! What an absolutely cool piece! The layering is fabulous and that texture is amazing. I’d never have guessed at one point that it had been blue. I love it when you share process photos. :slight_smile:

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The blue gives an impression of tarnish under the metallic colour. I’ve seen it done with more of that showing at the end but this was my first time & I may have had a heavy hand with the paint.

This is a hoot! :joy: :rofl:


Love it!

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Such an awesome project I never would have guessed it was cardboard

This is awesome! I wish I could put it in my work bathroom in place of the “employees must wash hands” sign. But maybe just a little owl with judgy eyes above the existing sign would do the trick. :laughing: