Elisenlebkuchen - Dairy free, Gluten free

Yesterday was my first time baking up some elisenlebkuchen with the gluten free backoblaten that I made earlier

I used the recipe from Food52 . Wow, these are expensive cookies! it’s just a TON of chopped nuts. egg, candied fruit, and sugar baked on top of the wafer.
The recipe called for letting the dough rest overnight, but mine ended up staying in the fridge for a day and a half until I had time to bake it.
the first tray came out very odd looking, because I didn’t read the directions about smooshing down and smoothing out the dough right to the edge of the wafer. I though it would spread in the oven. Still very edible, just not very pretty. The next trays were much better, though some have more filling dough than others. It was very much trial and error to find the right filling dough to oblaten ratio!
It calls to decorate with almond halves, but I only had slivers. and I waited to long after icing for like half of them, so not all have the almond slices on top. Which is fine, I mean, the entire cookie is make of nuts anyway, how many more do you want?!

I’m very happy with these, but I may try a different filling dough recipe next year. I also had way more oblaten than I needed. I stuck a chunk of the oblaten dough in the freezer, so that’s ready to go for next year.

The oblaten:

Scooping dough!

The range of results, pre-icing glaze:

Final form!


I love Lebkuchen. I don’t think I have had a version with candied fruit and almonds.

I’ve never had these and I’ve never even heard of them (and I’m a cookie connoisseur) but man oh man nuts AND candied fruit! Sign me up!

They may be expensive, but they look delicious and totally worth the effort!

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There seems to be a few versions of Lebkuchen, same with Stollen. Regional preferences, probably. a gluten free stollen is next on my list!

Wheeeew that’s a lot of work! But they look so tasty!

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