Backoblaten, Gluten free & Dairy free

I have been wanting to try making Lebkuchen for a while now. A lot of the recipes call for using backoblaten, which is essentially a very thin wafer that soft cookie dough is baked on top of. It’s very similar to communion wafer, I think, since some recipes say communion wafers will work.
Cannot find Oblaten, let alone GF oblaten in the stores near me, so I found this tutorial on YouTube for how to make your own. I modified it to be gluten free by using a GF all purpose 1 to 1 flour, and I used regular Crisco instead of margarine to make them dairy free. In hindsight, they didn’t need to be dairy free. I only made them that way so that I could share some with a friend who has many food allergies, including gluten and dairy. But then I read the package label of the candied fruit for the lebkuchen and that was full of corn syrup, which she also is allergic to. Good thing I saw that before feeding it to her!

They need to be rolled out SUPER thin. As a guide for thickness, I used my table cloth. If I could see the snowflake pattern through the dough, they were thin enough. LOL.

They seem to have come out ok! They don’t have much taste on their own, they are just meant to be the vessel that holds the tasty tasty Lebkuchen dough.