Embrace Your Inner Witch Card and Envelope Set

Full disclosure: I don’t care for Halloween. At all.

But, when you are given the chance to craft for someone who loves Halloween, you search for a few Halloween supplies- especially since there is so much love for it across this amazing site.

I originally found a stamp that said “Embrace Your Inner Witch” and knew I wanted to use that sentiment. I ultimately decided not to purchase the stamp, but to just write it. I found a fun stamp of a cat on a broom, and decided to go with it!

This is the project that started my new Mini Manila Style Envelope obsession! Read more about how versatile and fun these envelopes are and the tutorial on the punch board I have and how I made them.

I wanted to find some Halloween paper to use on my cards (they had to be 4" square or less!) but, didn’t think “normal” Halloween themes would look right, so I found this orange-y Fall flower paper and went with that. I love how it looks on the envelope, but my favorite part was my epiphany to create faux washi tape to place on the envelope closure.

Thanks for looking!


Welcome to the dark side. Bwahahaha.

Great card and envelope!

This is so fabulous! I love that it isn’t the normal Halloween.

I love it so hard! And I’m sorry you don’t like Halloween! I would’ve been happy with ANYTHING from you!

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The holiday was kinda spoiled for me as a kid, but it’s okay. I’m glad you love it!!