My "Mini" Manila-style Envelope Obsession (tutorial)

It all started with the OTT Secret Pal swap, where I made a fall floral themed envelopes to match Halloween cards I made for @bethntim (who by the way I was super excited to finally craft for!)

Read more here.

I got so excited about how adorable they are, that I used up the rest of this color cardstock, and made these for @geekgirl in the Masterboard Swap.

I had a whole lot more, so I created a “Lettuce Craft” and “lettuce” stencils, and stenciled about 11 of these and sent half to @thanate in the Crafty Scavenger Hunt Swap and the other half to @Bunny1kenobi in our now private Common Ground Swap.

Lettuce Craft Stencil Set

I got so excited, I kept making more! I used up all of this tan brown colored cardstock, too.

This picture shows 100 envelopes, I believe.

Clearly, I don’t have enough.

So, I bought a roll of Kraft paper, and have made about 60 more so far. Pro: they are thinner so I can cut and score 2-3 at a time. Con: they are much thinner.

So, how am I making these?

I cut cardstock (or Kraft paper) into 6" by 5.5" rectangles. Following the directions on my We R Memory Keeper Punch Board, I cut and score each rectangle.

Once that is complete, my piece looks like:

I buy double sided tape on Amazon, which use to tape together. Since my tape I have to peel from the backing, it is perfect to use as a sealer for the envelopes.

These are all 2.75 x 4 inches which is the perfect size for atcs and gift cards!

As you may have noticed, they can easily be dressed up with patterned paper as in the ones I made for bethntim, masterboards, and even stencils!

My favorite part is my faux washi! I put down a strip of tape, cut approx 1/4" wide strips, and tada!

I already dulled my punch board blade and purchased a replacement-we’ll see how it works!

I’m a bit obsessed!

(*I highly suspect these will be found in my next STS shop.)


These are so great! I’m glad they have their own post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I love the way you dress them up with masterboards :star:

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How fun!!!

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These are perfect! And I’m so happy I received some!

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They are so cute! The little Lettuce Craft ones are my faves. Thanks for making me some!!

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Gorgeous! It’s almost like an ATC wrapped in an ATC. I can’t believe how many you have crafted. I am also crafting items for the next STS. :grin:

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Thanks! Not pictured are the approx 100 Kraft paper ones I have made and a few other colored cardstock ones.

@Bunny1kenobi you are welcome!


Great tutorial! Thank you for posting a picture of your punch board. I have the envelope one and couldn’t figure out how to make these cute envelopes with it. It wasn’t until I saw your picture that I realized I had the wrong punch board!

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I just love these envelopes. Thanks for the tutorial.

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They’re so cute and so dang versatile!

Super cute!

Congrats! Your Manila-Style Envelopes are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!


I am fond of anything with a LC on it! And I love when the envelopes open on the side. It feels all fancy to me. Ha!


Congratulations! Your project was one of the Best of 2021! Yoooooou ROCK!

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