Embroidery Stitches Book

The recent TM inspired patch swap always inspires me to try new embroidery stitches. I do know a lot of them but I tend to forget and fall back on straight stitch and French knots with a few cross stitches thrown in. I received a lovely patch with a feather stitch from my partner that I just loved.

I remember that I started a project a few years ago, making samples of stitches to use for a reference. I found them in a box and decided I now have the time and inspiration to do something with them.

I decided to put them all into some sort of journal book…haven’t really gotten that far in the process to know what I am even doing. Anyway, here is the first page I did…and I am sure I am going to add to the stitches, so this will be a long term project…

I am using a charm pack in my stash plus whatever else I can find to make these…it will be an interesting destash.

French Knot

Chain Stitch

Cross Stitch

Straight Stitch

Plenty more to do!


I really love how you’re stitching each sample onto its own page and embellishing with additional stitching. It will be a gorgeous little book once you’re finished with it. Perhaps you can bind one edge of each “page” and stitch the bound edges together to make the book. But, no matter how you do it, I’m sure it will be amazing!


Thanks…That is what I think I will do…I am using very thin batting under it so I can do back and front …I might have to do two since I have a lot of stitches…lol…

Fun project to do while watching tv without feeling “unproductive”

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I love this idea. It is so cool to see all the different stitches.

I love the underlying idea of this – creating a reference work for yourself – but also the way you’re using it to stash bust and keep yourself working on something.

I wonder whether it will end up working like making flashcards does, in that by creating the samples yourself, you’ll be more likely to internalize the information than you would if you just bought a book about embroidery stitches. (Sorry, nerded out there for a sec…)


Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!! Your completed pages so far are beautiful!

I think I need to make one of these to educate my kiddos, and yes, I could study it myself, too! :laughing:

I thought the same thing…by actually incorporating the stitches in the project, I am hoping to develop some muscle memory for the stitches. I have to do them to learn them, not just look in a book…lol…I have tons of books…this is sort of my “sampler” in the style I like best.


What a wonderful project! It’s like a sampler, but with a very personalized twist.

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Beautiful! I love making something beautiful for yourself out of something utilitarian like a practice swatch.

I can see how this is going to be an addictive project…posted two other pieces I did today. Might make it into a wall hanging instead of a book…just doing it with no plan…


This is a really cool way to showcase a really useful idea!

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What a neat and useful idea!

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Awesome idea, excellent execution!

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So many ideas for each page…feels great to do some mindless stitching…thanks everyone…

Posted French Knot today…decided on a journal since I have no wall space…lol…put together two pages so far…it is going to be a fat little book…or two…


So cute!!

That looks amazing so far! :heartpulse: I love the idea of assembling a personal stitch library of things that you had to actually learn to put in there; that way when you flip through to decide on a stitch to add to a new project, you already have some of that muscle memory built up, like you said earlier. Very clever, and it’s clearly going to be beautiful!


Lovely!! What a great way to remember the stitches!

I have a couple of embroidery books into which I slip small samples that I have made of various stitches! Even with excellent photos and drawings, a sample can tell you so much more!

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I love your color palette and all the sample stitches! White on grey is truly classic!

Thanks…I did those back in 2017 I think with no purpose in mind. Just so happened that I had a charm pack in colors I really don’t like a lot (I tend to go for brighter colors)…good way to use up a lot of odd things and bits of threads and buttons as well…I am just not feeling to inspired lately so I am trying to just do stuff to get me out of a slump…

Now, I can’t stop…lol…but I will be out of thread soon, so guess I will stop then!


Finished a few more and joined them all to form “pages”: