Emergency Brownies

I don’t think COVID lockdown is quite what Nigella Lawson had in mind by "emergency, " but nevertheless, I’m glad to have this small-batch brownie recipe in my arsenal this week.

I’ve always left out the nuts and sometimes sub honey for the syrup in a pinch. I also think her serving sizes are huge; this makes what I would consider four generous brownies.

Tonight’s batch:

My serving suggestion:

(That’s peanut butter, fyi. Not sure the photo conveys that clearly.)


Hey, I think it qualifies as an emergency. And a darn good excuse to make brownies! Those look so chocolaty and delicious! But you can have my share of the peanut butter.

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Yes, I need to make these, maybe this weekend. We’d better devise an excersize plan now that I’ve got time to take up baking again. Stuck inside = snacking, snacking = more of me to love, lol.

Mmmm…brownies! Love that you added a dollop of PB to it…I’m sure the addition made it even more delectable :slight_smile:

I don’t know that her serving sizes are off…after all, emergencies do call for bigger brownies :wink:.

Yay comfort food!

Yum!!! They look so tasty.

Small batch cakes are a really good idea. I tend to lose interest in a cake after the first day or two

That looks yummy! (and I totally knew that was peanut butter!)

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Thanks, all!

I’ll take it!

This is why I try not to keep the ingredients for these around all the time. One reason I typically use the maple syrup rather than corn syrup is because I can buy only as much as I need in bulk and use it up.

Fair :laughing:. Truth be told, I usually get three servings out of this.

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I love the small batch. My SO is not a big sweet person and since my typical take leftover baked goods to work isn’t a solution at the moment, a smaller batch is great!

Yes! If I can’t offload them, I can’t stay out of them.

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I’m definitely going to make these! I was just kicking myself for not buying a package of brownie mix. But, I’m the only one in my house, so anytime I make a batch of something, I need to freeze part of it. I can’t eat a whole cake in a week… Well, I could, but I shouldn’t :wink: So, having a small batch option for the brownies is perfect. And, it’s making me think that I have a cookbook on small batch baking. I’ll have to go and look! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe link!

That’s the boat I find myself in (she says, having eaten too many of this weekend’s cookies today). These I can eat on for two or three days without the continued temptation. Though I have to be careful about not keeping all of the ingredients for them on hand all the time. . .