Craft Through Coronavirus Craftalong

You have such a kind and wonderful soul.

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Hey lady! Nice to “see” you!

Spent much of the day working on behind-the-scenes mod stuff, and taking care of a bunch of Harry Potter Craftalong housekeeping. While I don’t have anything physically crafted to show for it, I did accomplish a ton of stuff that needed to be done. Now to make dinner, and get some work done on my Klaziena shawl.



My crafting goals for the near future:

-Finish my Flash the Sloth hoop
-Make a set of three crocheted hanger covers
-Make more TM patches for my parents’ KitchenAid cover (maybe even… finish the cover???)
-Finish knitting a baby sweater for my friend’s second baby (due in May)
-Make felties to send to my friends in Japan
-Make a feltie of a weird Japanese fish-monster prophet: (Some of my friends in Japan have been drawing pictures of this and posting it because in the legend it said to do that if disease spreads)
-Make some small amigurumi when my yarn order comes
-Decoupage some paper photo frames (first need to choose the photos to go in them, so I can coordinate colors!)

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A few ideas for now:

  • Personal WIP
  • ATC theme in my head
  • Whatever else my “ooh, squirrel!” craft tendencies dictate

Actually completed:


Starting tomorrow, the whole family is at home. So, I’ll definitely be crafting to stay sane. I pinned my sister’s quilt this afternoon. Still need to find a good pattern for the baby blanket.

List of projects that need finishing in the near future:

  • quilt for my sister (just need to quilt and bind)
  • quilt for me (pin, quilt, bind)
  • baby blanket for niece

I’m binding a quilt right now! We can be binding buddies!


I’ll have to get my butt in gear, then. I still have to quilt this thing! :joy: I did make my binding already, though. I’m really hoping to get started tomorrow, but, we’ll see. I have felt almost frozen for the past few days. Once I get started, I’m usually okay, but getting started is hard.


For now, still going to work (I don’t really have a work-from-home kind of job), but that could change any day now. And then the need to craft full-time will kick in. Well, almost full-time - there’s years of reading to catch up on!


Oh, I’m so in. I’ll be teaching from home 5 hours a week or so, but that’s it.

I have enough yummy yarn to knit until…May? June?

  1. Jewel tone shawl
  2. Shawl for Mom
  3. Shawl for me
  4. Sweater for me
  5. _______ with the gorgeous yarn I bought last week

We’re a pair of mountain hermits up here, so our life will likely not change too much. I am used to popping down to a food seller of some sort a couple times/week, so that might change a bit. What might open up more extra crafting time is two sets of planned houseguests might not visit.

I’d like to:
Do a spring bottle brush tree decoration. :hatching_chick:
Make a jackalope! :crazy_face:
Finish up some xmas bottle brush tree decorations for an Xmas in July thing. :christmas_tree:
Finish up a tee shirt quilt project for a friend. :womans_clothes:
Mount 6 frames worth of the foreign toothpaste collection. :tooth:


posted the photo to my insta this morning. I made it 'cause I was annoyed I didn’t have a decent container for these crayon/pencils:

Also made a repeating pattern for Halloween of bones and skulls :slight_smile: cause I apparently have a super morbid sense of humor…

And I did this too: ATC Personal Challenge - corona virus work from days


There’s plenty of Corona beer close to the empty toilet paper shelves here! :frowning: I’m up for the challenge and look forward to making some things over the next few weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

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My husband and son got their essentials - magic cards and the like. They asked what I was going to get and I’m “uh, my craft closet is packed - I’m all set.”

Today - painters palette earrings


The pencil cup is pretty! I think I may have that paper… Is it from a book of Asian-inspired scrapbook paper?


Hahaha! My son also ordered some Magic cards. Love your artiste earrings!


yes!! @endymion - it is! And I got it in a swap on the old site!


Today I made six of these little wallets. I usually hate carrying a purse and just grab my ID and some cash.

And then I experimented with some theatre scraps and some key fob hardward6 and made these.

And then I caught up on my daily quilt blocks.

And decided that this would be a great time to actually take the three monstrous tubs of fabric scrap and iron and organise and actually trim to a uniform sizes. And I realise that I will need to be socially isolated for eleventy million years to get thru all the scrap.


I mean magic cards are pretty important!
Love the earrings!

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