Emotion Support Demon Art Dolls - Pic Heavy

Buckle up kids, this one is gonna be uber pic heavy! LOL

Before the Pandemic took hold, I had plans to meet up with a few friends out of state earlier this year. We had all decided we would do a little craft exchange, except I think I got confused on the details, but whatever. That’s not important.

What is important, is the genesis of this idea. I was racking my brain trying to figure out just what I wanted to do for these awesome friends. While browsing Pinterest, I came across the cutest little crocheted voodoo doll. It was adorable, but I didn’t like the sensationalized negative representations voodoo dolls have. Eventually a little light bulb in my head went off, and I came up with the idea of a reverse voodoo doll. Essentially, I figure I can make the doll represent the negative emotion(s) you are feeling at the time and the pins are the positives you want to feel instead.

Look, sometimes we just feel better after stabbing things, amirite? (lookin’ at you @PerfectlyBohemian with your felting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thus, Emotional Support Demons were born!

I should mention that @geekgirl was present during the making of various parts of these dolls and perhaps not so subtly hinted that she wanted one of her own. We joined the Go Bananas swap together so she could get her very own and I will be including the making of her doll with the rest of them in this post. :slight_smile:

Now you get to see all the crazy in progress pics on the making of these. Fair warning, there will be a lot and I’m pretty sure I missed progress pics for parts of them >>>>

The doll bodies were all done with crochet. I found an adorable Crocheted Monsters book that I used as bases for my body parts and tweaked things as I went.

The eyes are just glass cabochons I found off of amazon and they were glued onto either felt circles or half of snap closures sewed onto the doll. the kinky hair on some of the dolls is done by separating out the strands on worsted yarn. Tedious, but I really like the end result. Once I had the Demons finished (of which I’ve done a total of 5. I did not have progress pics for some of them), I could start work on the demon masks.

For the masks I used air dry paper clay to sculpt them since I had a bunch in my stash. I added wire supports where I thought it necessary to help give the mask added strength.

I wanted each Demon to have a unique animal mask. The animals I ended up choosing were a deer, rabbit, fox, wolf and geekgirls’ is a hedgehog. There was a lot of sanding before I could prime and paint them lol. My desk is still covered in dust. :rofl:

I also needed to make the positivity pins! Luckily, I found that corsage pins were the perfect length for the size dolls I made. I painted the pearl tips of the pins to give them distinction and added charms to help identify the positive representation.

then I created holding cards for the Pins and sewed up felt pouches. I finally found a use for that rainbow floss and buttons I’d been hoarding!

Finally, you can see them all together with their painted masks and tiny finishing details. :slight_smile:

Here is Geekgirl’s completed Emotion Support Demon :slight_smile:

Whew! That was a lot. If you stuck it out till the end, thanks so much for looking!! These guys were a labor of love and I honestly enjoyed every second. :slight_smile:


Words can not express how much I absolutely love this. Seriously awesome.


After you showed up to craft group with your crochet monster book I believe at least 3 of us went out and purchased our own lol.

I saw a lot of this in progress but had not seen the finished masks. They are incredible.

I am over the moon that I have my very own.

This rocks so much!!! :love_you_gesture:


I love these!!! They are so detailed and everything is just exactly right! You must have spent many hours on them. I especially love the painting on the masks!


My goodness I don’t think this could be any more awesome!

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They are all fun and amazing!

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These are amazing!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Really, I thought making just ONE of these was an amazing feat of effort and attention to detail. The fact that you made FOUR, and that each one is so intricate and so unique, has me completely wonderstruck!

Thanks so much for all the pictures; I loved peeking at them as they evolved.


Amazingly brilliant to have reverse demon (nomed?) voodoo doll! Such a great way to spread good vibes.

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The progress pictures are fabulous…love seeing your tools and workspace as well as the supplies!

Each one has its own personality…the one with the two different eyes speaks to me!

The hair is fantastic as well…and the masks…wow…seeing how you did the hedgehog one makes me crazy with delight! All those little spikes…I think @geekgirl owes you dinner!

UNBELIEVABLE! the story is great, the faces, the masks, THE EYES! OH, the eyes!!
Amazing as always, love it!

She made 5!
4 originally and then a 5th for me when I was hinting about wanting one

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Well, that’s just beyond belief!

You left no detail overlooked. These are so amazingly wonderful and I LOVE the concept. So original and innovative. Those masks alone are just WOW!

Each one is unique and full of personality. And I love, love, love, the hair!

These are simply amazing… I bow down to your creativity, skills, and patience! Every detail is so wonderfully thought out and executed. And, the idea to turn the negative meaning behind the vodoo doll into something full of meaning and positivity… well, I just might be crying a smidge :heart:

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That is an unreal level of detail. Incredible design work, swoon-worthy results.

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Your art dolls are amazing!

I love every little bit of this. Special shout out to the mismatched eye action…I’m a big fan. These are so fantastic from top to bottom. heart eye emojis

These are amaaaaaaazing!! So many fantastic little details! I especially adore the masks.

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This is, without a doubt, one of the most wonderful, whimsical, truly creative projects I’ve ever seen anywhere. I love everything about them. The positivity in their intention, the individuality in each little demon, the skill and technique that went into each component. Your skills as an artist absolutely SHINE through in these little friends. They are little warriors of love and support.

Seriously, patent this concept before someone from Urban Outfitters tries to steal them.