Enchanted Forest Tree Dotee Art Doll

I made this for @thanate in the Dotee Swap. I was inspired by her theme “denizen of an enchanted forest.” After scrolling her (meticulous!) pinterest boards, I wanted to make a creature that invoked trees, mushrooms, and moss. I came up with this little tree creature. Maybe it’s a little dude hiding in a kind of hut or stump, or maybe all that is the body itself. Why should I decide? It can be whatever it wants! I’m calling this an art doll because it is a true mixed-media project.

The body/base is a stuffed tube of brown alova suede, and the face is a fussy cut section of a flower fabric that had a tree bark-ish vibe and color.

Tree Dotee - Fabrics - Copy

I took a bunch of small twigs leftover from another project.

Tree Dotee - Sticks - Copy

I wanted them to look mossy and old, so I used some different embossing powders to get that effect (three greens, sepia brown, white, and a touch of mustard yellow).

I like how oyster mushrooms cluster, so I made a bunch out of paper clay.

Tree Dotee - Mushroom Cluster - Copy

I needle felted a little “wig” and some leaves for embellishment.

Tree Dotee - Leaf Felting

I thought that was all I would do, but then I realized it needed a little Spanish moss to finish it off properly.

The face piece is hand stitched on the machine stitched body. I used safety eyes and added some pigment around them to give them more depth. It can be free-standing or hang with a yarn loop.

A few other embellishments, like some flowers I colored with ink, a pinecone charm, and a metal bead crown, helped visually balance it out.

Tree Dotee - Side R 4

Overall, I really loved this little creature in the end, and hope it’s happy in its new home!

Thanks for taking a look!


Very cool!!!

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FUN tastic. My fav element is the headband with all that great hair.

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Wow! There’s a lot of detail packed into this little totem. I love the oyster mushrooms and the mossy detail. :green_heart:

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What a cute and shy creature. So many wonderful, woodsy details.

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Using the floral fabric for the face is just so creative and out of the box!

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What a fun Dotee! I love the little mushrooms. :purple_heart:

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Thanks for all the kindness!

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How marvellous!

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Incredible!! All that meticulous care that went into it! Well worth it. Stunning!

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So many fun details! Thanks for sharing the process.

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Fantastically creative! Her hair is beautiful. And the mushrooms are perfect.

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Love the effects you managed to get with those embossing powders on the twigs. Amazing!

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OMG I love this so much! There’s so much personality in those two little eyes!

Such a cool dotee! I love the details and the tiny mushrooms.