Dotee Swap - April 2024 GALLERY

Post your lovelies here!


I cannot wait!

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First package!!! @LovelyMiss sent me something with a little monkey-face out of an enchanted forest:

I’m not sure if the sticks are its body, or something it’s hiding in, but pretty cool either way!


Oh the hair totally flattened in transit, lol! It’s just a little fantasy forest tree creature, open to interpretation.The face is flower/wood/leaf fabric, but I cant unsee the monkey face now that you said it. :sweat_smile: Here was pre-shipping:

Maybe you can give it a floof! :laughing::upside_down_face:


It’s adorable either way. With bedhead or all floofed out!

Great start to the Gallery.


Wow! So cute and unique! Love the hair either way.

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I received from @thanate ! And it’s so cool! A bit of artist’s choice mixed with my ocean theme, and made from honeysuckle from her yard. I love the intricate weaving and pop of color with the tassels.

There are also really unique and pretty beads.

There’s a little bit of a “poppet I found in the forest on a spooky night” vibe to it that I LOVE also.

Thank you so much! And thanks for a fun swap!


Lovely! I can just see her flitting about the woods on a breezy night.

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Wow! Super unique. I imagine 3D weaving like that is tricky but it’s totally recognizable as a figure.

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I received this absolutely adorable moon dotee from @whatthepuck today:

Cute face close up:

And the dangly stars:

Thank you @whatthepuck - I love it! :full_moon: :heart:


I didn’t se the.face at first, now I can’t u see it. So sweet.

I received from @marionberries this weekend! Behold—Bett Bat!

Her little face is so precious, and I love how she shimmers! Her adorable pointy ears even have a sparkly earring. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Making her wings out of wire and chiffon-ish fabric was so clever! It gives great shape and depth. She made friends here very quickly, as you can see!

Thank you so much, Marionberries! She’s absolutely lovely. :cherry_blossom: I adore bats, and she fits in wonderfully!


Oh my…look at that rainbow goodness!! Those wings! Wow!

We have a stuffed sandworm just like yours from Beetlejuice on Broadway. Did you see it?! :black_heart:

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Bett was so excited to meet you and she will have lots of fun in your house. You are just her kind of people!

The wings were a minor pain to make, but the results were worth it. She started out as goth, all satiny black, but NO! She wanted more. She may take over the house.


I received this adorable black cat Dotee from @Abbeeroad Thank you so much. I moved last month and this is the first thing I have to hang up.


I’m so glad you like it!

I love anthropomorphic anything AND space, so that moon really made me squee! I was immediately smitten with the rainbow bat, too. Great colors and construction! And the kitty! Eek, so adorable! Such a sweet face and pose.

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I received from @thanate and I am intrigued!

It evokes bird cage to me which I like. I hope Ann makes a post about how these pieces were conceived and created - just fascinating.

Thanks so much.


My dotee from @Smmarrt has arrived:

Clearly someone who lives on the woodland edge, & perhaps pollinates meadow plants. :thinking: :grin:


What a woodsy little critter. So sweet.