Escapades in printing and drawing and painting

We had an assignment to do for art school. A personal project where we were to take a building that interested is and take photos, do studies, experiment and generally play.

My inspiration is the sunroom that my husband and I built, it was made with reclaimed Windows and clad in the outside with reclaimed copper. I don’t own that house any more, but I visited recently and I love the way the copper is weathering. I did lots of drawings, collage etc. But then reduced a drawing to a simple line drawing and made a lino cut, and printed fabric. I am surprised and really like how it turned out, it has a very 50s vibe.

These are some of the in process experiments

Some more fabric.

This was a print onto an old baby wipe that had been used to mop up ink.

Drawing on gesso on cardboard.

Faint lino print on this one, copper leaf on a watercolor background

The original photo that I was working from.

Now I’m going to make an art quilt I think, using the same simplified line drawing for the blocks


Gorgeous! I love the print and the texture from the various media you’re printing it on. I can’t wait to see the art quilt!

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Very cool. Printmaking is so much fun.

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I really love seeing how you’ve reduced it down to the simplest details and then used that to make more complex patterns. I am very interested in seeing where this quilt idea goes, too!


wow, love every step of the way, from the sunroom you built, through the inspiration and explorations, all the way to the final fabrics!

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Completely amazing, every little bit of this.

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This is so cool! I love the inspiration and your minimalist interpretation. I especially love the overlapping prints.

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Your recent posts all make me want to sign up for art school!

The fabric is wonderful; I love how the color superimposed a window pattern on everything. And I agree with @Abbeeroad that the overlapping prints are just so cool! Wow, an art quilt sounds like a fabulous idea, too… can’t wait to see!

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The assignment is very interesting, and I love your take on it. Such beautiful results :slight_smile:

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You totally should! You’d be great


I appreciate all the mediums you use. I am too precious with my creativity. Hummm

The ones that overlap remind me of Piet Mondrian! :two_hearts: