Mini Art quilt

This is related to my previous post on a project I’m doing for art college. Art project essentially we had to take a building and use it as a jumping off point for drawings, paintings etc.

Of course i had to play with textiles, because they will always be my first love. As per the other post I reduced down the image of the building to a very simplified line drawing. This mini quilt was winged from that. I didn’t really have a technique beyond cutting out rectangles that were roughly proportionate and then adding strips to the squares and joining them.

The original building is a sunroom extension that we clad in reclaimed copper, so the brown fabric has a sheen, I did random free motion quilting to represent the vergidris on the copper. All in blues and greens.

There is a reason that one “window” is in colour. In the original sunroom, that window developed a big thermal crack along it, we added a big stove too close to the windows. I was devastated! I cried. I couldn’t afford to replace the glass and the crack was only on one of the double glazed panels, so I glued on loads of brightly coloured flat glass marbles to make a feature of it. In this quilt i put in the crack with gold thread couched down.

This is another experimental piece I did yesterday from a load of photos I took of the sunroom.

And this is the original designs and photo I was working with. It was a really interesting exercise. When I’m piecing and quilting I’m always aiming to improve accuracy, but it was very freeing to let this be more creative than accurate.

The actual building.


The mini art quilt is great! I love the story about the window crack and how you represented it on the quilt.

But the experimental piece was amazing! I love, love, love it!


This will turn out another piece the instructor & the class find unbelievable. It’s amazing, from concept to execution.


Excellent. I love the intentional details. And that pieced together image is way cool - it gives the impression of the building. Your love for this space really shows in this work.

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I love all the ways you represented your vision. I love to solution as I go, so hearing your process is wonderful.

I would have cried, too. But you made the crack sing. You are artist to your soul.



If only I had known then how much creative inspiration that cracked window would end up being. I’m sure there’s a deep life lesson in there somewhere


Marvelous! I love all the thoughtful ways you interpreted the details of the inspiration sunroom into fiber. The fabric choices! The threads! Even though the grey/white is the least showy, it also really captures how light plays on flat planes of glass.

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What fun that you have shown the architecture in so many different ways. The line through the colorful window on the art quilt looks like a little burst of magic!

:fireworks: This art-tastic project is one of this week’s featured projects! Woot! :fireworks:

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Cool, thank you x

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Neat and I love the story/process.