Even More Cat Zip Pouches

I finally finished these after being sidelined with so many other projects around my house. I have about 4 more cut-out and interfaced, but I will add them to this post as I finish them. Time is ticking by so fast!

These will conclude the pouches I am making for the craft show. It’s so crazy. I have never done a craft show and don’t know how much, or what to make. It’s for a cat shelter, but people will want to buy gifts for other things. It’s also called Christmas in October, and about 2 weeks before Halloween. Which holiday do you focus on? Or neither? I digress. Either way, I will have a bunch of cat zip pouches to fill my booth.

All the pouches.

Light colors (the pink stars are my favorite)


and blues


These are adorable! With so many fabrics to choose from (including your earlier batches), there’s something for everyone here and these will be snatched up in no time.


So cute! I think they will be a great money maker!


I like that they are subtle cats…I think they will appeal to a lot of people! IF you have any left, I bet people would get them in your shop or do a personal swap for them!


I plan on putting everything I have left in my STS after October 15th. It’ll be near the end of the swap, but hopefully, people will still have points to use!


These are really cute. Did I miss a pattern posted?

What size are they? Small enough to hang on a keychain?


Very cute!


Awww… Super cute kitties!


LOVE them in that black-and-neonish fabric!


Adorable and so fun.

At our church holiday fair I advise people to make no more than 12 of anything. We do a well attended fair, but the numbers just don’t support more. Except crocheted catnip balls. I make about 3 dozen of those and they alwaus sell.


Definitely let us know how these sell at your booth! Good luck!!


I will. If you have any ideas for anything that is quick and easy and sells well at a booth, I’d love to hear it! Doesn’t have to be cat related.


Something simple at a low price that kids can purchase.

  • Chopstick with fleece strips (1/4" x 6-8") attached: The fleece catches less on kitty claws. Check for stretch, you don’t want them to be stretchy, cut across the stretch. The sample below is a repurposed destoyed cat toy.
  • Catnip balls: Crocheted or fabric ball or mouse shape (or triangle,or any shape really about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches across. ) Stuff with fabric, fleece, batting scraps and some catnip. I find that as long as there is some catnip, the cats love it.
    Price them at kid price, 1-2 dollars.

I make magic wands, dowels/chopsticks with ribbons and a glitter star attached for our fair, priced at a dollar, it’s a quick and easy “buy something for the kid” seller. Reminds me, I have to buy some more ribbon to make more!


Great ideas. I don’t crochet, but I could try the other ideas.


I’m sure they will be well represented, but coaster sets are always a good “for gifts” idea. Especially the way you choose fabrics.

Pet food bowl placemats?
Those keychain lip balm holder things?
Quarter Keeper key chain things?

It’s hard to think of unique things that a fair won’t already be saturated with.


Exactly. Actually, I messed up on cutting the interior fabrics for these and planned on turning those into coasters. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:zap: :bulb: :dizzy: WOOHOO!!! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :zap: :bulb: :dizzy:


These are so cute! I would be tempted to put cat treats in them, but then my cat would probably destroy them, lol… So I would keep it al to myself in my purse :slight_smile: I bet they’ll be a hit at the craft show, and it’ll be a great learning experience.

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The wands are a great idea!

What about your lip balms? Excellent stocking stuffer, and a quick make.

Also, what about the reusable paper towels? A few sets of those might go well.

I might also suggest some simple pet-themed art that could be turned into small coloring books. Another idea for folks who are bringing kids along or who have kids on their gift lists. I would definitely buy those to put in my grandkids’ stockings! I love your art! You draw SUPER cute animals!

You’ve done some awesome art in the past, too. Maybe put some of those images together to make calendars, or reproduce them for the covers of notebooks?


Dang! You are a cat pouch making machine! Is this your third cat pouch post? Does that mean
You have around 30 now? These are cute and fun and seem likely to appeal to both kids and adults.

I love your dedication to making so many fun items for your craft booth! Are the doorknob hangers for your booth as well?

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