Every Christmas Tree needs a CPU!

And more ornaments for the ongoing ornament swap of 2020. If you haven’t browsed through the amazing and lovely array of ornaments yes, you are missing out on a treat…and good crafty ideas too. Ongoing Ornament Swap 2020 Discussion and Gallery

For @saintcady, who loves anything techie, I pulled out my cache of disassembled electronic parts. I don’t have a big stash, but I did have the perfect bit. A CPU, likely from a printer? Maybe?
The spring also came from a printer. I couldn’t resist adding a few steampunk gears to the back because we all know our electronics are actually run by gears, right? And silver tassels finished it off. Those tassels fought back, one exploded all over the place and I had to start over.


Action shots in its new home:

Love it!


It looks so pretty on your tree!

Super fun assemblages!

So cool!

What fun!

I would love to have a tree full of found or recycled ornaments…this one is clever and blingy…love the tassels and the beaded spring

This is so coool!

I took a leap of faith when I drilled the holes in each corner, I thought it might crack and the little pins on the board were tricky. But it worked like a charm. Yes, I kinda wanted to keep it!

Oh man I have one of these in my craft stash! Inspired!

Those are some cool ornaments!

(You reminded me that I have a big stash of computer parts in my room of requirements.)