Evil Eye Bracelets!

Who doesn’t want a little protection on their wrist as they navigate the world?

I crafted up a bunch of these as Christmas presents for my coworkers and they all were interested in learning more and thought they were…thoughtful!

I’m a bit obsessed with the evil eye. It’s so cool they’re represented in most cultures in one sense or another. One of those weird things that helps me feel people aren’t so terribly different after all.

These bracelets, in particular, turned out with an extra personal touch as my son has a bit of strabismus (eyes not working on stereo) and the bead “eyes” going in all directions kind of represents that. Eye Pride!


Awesome that your gifts were so well received! I really like these beads and made “candy canes” out of them for tree ornaments last December! We have an evil eye over our front door, just in case. :eye:


These are cool! One of my coworkers wears something similiar every day.

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These are really cool. I also like that the eyes are gazing in all directions.

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Those are interesting eye bracelets. Are they in singles? I like how the colors are interacting with each other, they’d make a statement as a set of several on each wrist!

What a fun idea for co-worker gifts!