Evil Eye Candy Canes, Of Course

After making this skully cane I wanted to make another, so went to the other craft store to look for more red bead. No luck, but they were having a sale AND I did spot these red evil eye beads, so…

The sale was BOGO, so I was able to find a “white” bead in the same size.

They’re a good deal smaller than the skully cane - which I did make one more of - and I like that I’ll have a variety of sizes of weird candy canes on our “Irreverent Tree.”



Do you have a “reverent” tree, with santas and snowmen and babies in mangers?

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Thanks! And HA! Not exactly, but we do have a more standard tree. Well, it’s a photo of a tree printed on fabric and mounted on a soundboard that works as a bulletin board, but standard decorations go on it. It’s normalish size. The Irreverent Tree is 30". Then I have a Kermit the Frog tree, a pets tree, some others that color coordinate with the décor of the rooms they go in. All 30" or under.


Very creative and resourceful!

I love you. :black_heart: :nazar_amulet: :infinity:

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Not only is Santa watching you…


I love non standard trees. What a great addition!

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Thanks, friends!

They make a very nice addition to you tree!!

What an awesome idea!! I love that you made more “same but different”!

Thanks, y’all!